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Readers Respond: Fourth Anniversary Suggestions

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From the article: 4th Wedding Anniversary
Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their fourth wedding anniversary. Share your successful gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your fourth anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage. Share Your Ideas

Flowers Fruit

The wife and I alternate years; so it was my turn to plan. I reserved a room at a nice hotel, ordered some silk flower petals in the colors of our wedding and placed them in the room on the floor. That morning I made strawberry and bananna pancakes for her and left them in her car for her breakfast, and I put three different flower bunches of gold, purple, and white on her desk at work and wrote happy anniversary. At lunch I gave her an edible arrangement of fruit made into a flower.
—Guest Graham


My hubby bought me a dozen red roses still more surprises to come :)
—Guest Danni


For our third annivesary, we went on a midnight horseback ride. There is a place near us that does this. It included a guided horseback ride on trails, a hayride, and a dinner of pulled pork and macaroni salad under the moonlight next to a campfire. You can even BYOB.
—Guest Amy

Remembering the Wedding Day

This is helpful hint to all husbands, the flowers that were part of her bouquet on your wedding day have the same flowers delivered in a large assortment and vase.
—Guest Samantha

Gift for Deployed on 4th

Try nuts.com and send a hugh assortment of dried fruits. The company is troop friendly and they send to APO addresses.
—Guest Georgann

4th Wedding Anniversary

I'm paying for hubby & I to have flower tattoos done this year to celebrate our 4th anniversary :)
—Guest Guest happily married

Fruits of My Labor

We are both going to do some new landscaping to one particular area of our new home. Plants, flowers, rocks and such. With some framed photos of fond memories on the side (not of the landscaping, just in general)
—Guest Mark l

4th Anniversary Idea

I plan on going to the new York botanical gardens to have a picnic with lots of fresh fruit, cheese and wine while enjoying the fresh air and spectacular flowers. That covers the traditional theme of fruits and flowers for the 4th Anniversary
—Guest V Castro

Romantic Weekend

We left the little one with the grandparents and enjoyed some of Louisiana's most decorated plantations.... Flowers were everywhere! Rosedown plantation and the Aston Villa... Couldn't have been more lovely. And upon returning to the suite at our hotel we were greeted with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. :)
—Guest RinaJ

4th Anniversary

My husband loves making beer so I bought him a kit. Fruity and flowery all in one and not too cheesy.
—Guest Wife

4th Anniversary

Fruits and flowers: We went to Washington D.C. for the cherry blossom festival. It was fantastic
—Guest Sonya

Fruit Fondue

We celebrated our 4th at a fondue restaurant together. Fresh fruit & chocolate...who could go wrong with that?
—Guest karen

Separated for Anniversary

These are some great ideas! My husband is deployed this year, do you have any suggestions for a 4th anniversary "package" to be mailed??
—Guest Army wife

Flowers Fruit

I took the somewhat traditional and sent flowers to him at the office. For fruit, I bought him a single share of Apple stock. He loved it!
—Guest Rachel

The Big Apple

I think a great idea would be a trip to the Big Apple of NYC!! With 4 long stemmed red roses and champagne in the hotel!
—Guest kirstbaby

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Fourth Anniversary Suggestions

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