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Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their fifth wedding anniversary. Share your successful gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your fifth anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage. 5th Anniversary Ideas

Pepper Grinder

My husband has always admired large pepper grinders in restaurants, so I'm getting him a huge walnut one for our 5th anniversary.
—Guest Lynne

5th Anniversary Present

A beautiful piece of jewelry incorporating wood is a great 5 year anniversary gift. Toronto-based designer, Liel and Lentz, has pieces for both men & women that incoporate wood with silver and gold. I found the perfect gift for my wife there. (www.lielandlentz.com)
—Guest Frank


My husband and I opted for a metaphorical translation in terms of anniversary gifts. So for our 5th wedding anniversary, we went to a log cabin in the woods. We enjoyed meals at the nearby wood-fire diner and snuggled by the fire at night. I can't wait until our 6th anniversary to see what creative thing we can come up with next!
—Guest Nikki

Wood - Cuckoo Clock

We honeymooned in Rome, but had to fly into Switzerland to get an air discount and take the train to Rome. We stopped in an Alpine village on a whim for a couple nights. Zermat is the best!!! So when 5th anniversary came, the cuckoo clock seemed perfect. :)
—Guest Neil

Wooden Accessory

I gave my husband some cedar planks ... to go with a new charcoal grill. That one was a hit!
—Guest MM

Unusual Watches

I found a website that has wooden watches which is something quite unusual. WeWood timepieces, they also plant a tree for every watch bought.
—Guest LisaMum

Traditionally Modern

I was thinking for our fifth I would make us a nice wooden silverware set, since I love doing wood working. It mixes the traditional wood with the modern silverware and provides something useful!
—Guest Rachel

Japanese Wood Puzzle Box

My husband likes mysterious things. Seven years ago he took me to a B&B for the weekend. He led me to a bookcase that swung open to reveal a secret parlor and he proposed to me there. We give traditional anniversary gifts and I was stumped for our 5th year. On the internet I searched words like: mysteries, puzzles, and wood. I found Japanese wood puzzle boxes. I had never heard of these. By pressing and sliding parts of the box, it opens to reveal a small hidden compartment. I found a beautiful box with a tree carved on the lid. We held our own wedding ceremony under a great old tree, so it was perfect. My husband loved it!
—Guest Shonna

Our Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up and I have organised for the kids to stay with their nanna overnight on the Friday night and will prepare a 3 course meal for my husband, leave a trail of rose petals/candles (not sure which yet), leading to the small table on the patio with two chairs (and a nice white tablecloth on it). I'm going to get him a nice beer to have with dinner and we can sit and watch the sunset when he comes home from work. The next morning (our wedding anniversary day) I will make him breakfast and serve it on the nice wooden tray I bought. I have also got him a wooden playing cards box and a couple of other little things. He does the modern gift while I do the traditional one each year.
—Guest Rachel

5th to Remember

My husband started the traditional wedding gift on our 5 th anniversary. I had found some drift wood at the lake and bought a face to attach it to. It turned out to be a pretty neat sculpture. I put time and some effort into it. My husband got me a pack of pencils. Good thing I have a great sense of humor!!
—Guest Carla

5th Anniversary

My husband loves music and plays most stringed instruments. I was stumped this year but I really lucked out. I found a website with handmade koa wood guitar picks with the phrase I pick you on it.
—Guest val

Keeping Me On My Toes

I gotta say what they say is true -- the 5th anniversary does stump you come the gift department so I was intrigued when my wife came up with this whole traditional gift idea for this year. My wife is a avid music lover and a fan of classic art work so I found a website online that sells wooden music boxes and on the box it displays a picture of dance in the city by a artist Renoir circa 1883 of a man and wife dancing on what appears to be their wedding day. Overall I think I picked out a good gift and look forward to the challenges as our years together progress.
—Guest Christopher

5th Anniversary

My Husband and I just had our 5th anniversary. We usually make each other cards and go out to dinner but we decided to go all out for this milestone. We took a trip to Vegas and renewed our vows in one of those kitschy vegas chapels. We dressed for the occasion and I even wore some of the same items I had with me on our wedding day. For our gifts to each other we had new wedding bands made. The whole experience was magical and one we will never forget!
—Guest Harlow

5th Anniversary

For ours on Saturday we will be having a renewal ceremony and a dinner with wood and blue centerpieces.
—Guest carolyn

Best Yet

For our fifth, I gave my husband an unusual contorted fig tree (aka Harry Todd's walking stick.) He gave me a handmade wooden bowl & mezzaluna set made for chopping herbs. We always do traditional gifts but that year, we both felt extremely pleased with our choices.
—Guest Marie

5th Anniversary Ideas

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