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Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their fifth wedding anniversary. Readers have shared successful gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your fifth anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage.

Tender Silk

On our 5th anniversary we just moved into a new house,after living in apatment and were crazy about interior decor and other cute things. So that day I bought almost everything http://www.jasminesilk.com/ in this store , a lot of gogeous silk textile for our new bedroom)) Editor's Note: Noted website is not endorsed by me. SS
—Guest Marjorine

I'll love you for even I'll love you for

For our 5th I bought her a custom painted sapphire blue Porsche with hand carved rosewood and ovangkol interior. Second best night of loving in my life, next to day we meet!
—Guest James Brando

5th Wedding Anniversary Gift idea

My husband and I are going to plant a tree for our 5th wedding anniversary. Just like the one we had our first under, many years, many kids ago. :-)
—Guest Mrs. Bahbee

Pepper Grinder

My husband has always admired large pepper grinders in restaurants, so I'm getting him a huge walnut one for our 5th anniversary.
—Guest Lynne

5th Anniversary

For ours on Saturday we will be having a renewal ceremony and a dinner with wood and blue centerpieces.
—Guest carolyn

Best Yet

For our fifth, I gave my husband an unusual contorted fig tree (aka Harry Todd's walking stick.) He gave me a handmade wooden bowl & mezzaluna set made for chopping herbs. We always do traditional gifts but that year, we both felt extremely pleased with our choices.
—Guest Marie

The Bear

My wife has always wanted a chainsaw carved bear. They are awesome, but so expensive. So I picked up a 2' piece of a tree --about 18" wide, an electric chainsaw, and an angle grinder with a wood shaping stone, and carved one myself. This is not for the novice -- please be very careful. It actually looked like a bear (not quite as fancy as the pro chainsaw guys), and she loved it!
—Guest Kevin

5th Anniversary

My husband and I will celebrate our anniversary on Friday. I was stumped with the wood gift, we have stuck with the traditional gifts, so I found free woodworking plans for a blanket box. We will go to Home Depot together and then be able enjoy it together when he builds it. A gift for both of us!
—Guest tadpole06

5 Years

For our five year anniversary, I got wooden rings made. We can't wear them on our hands every day (they are too fragile) but I wear mine on a gold chain around my neck. It's a pretty reminder of my wonderful hubby.
—Guest Luci


Happy 5th wedding anniversary sweetheart!! Here's a croquet set! *signs divorce papers*
—Guest *

5th Anniversary Gift

For our 5th anniversary I stuck with the tradition of wood and bought a Bonsai tree. I chose a tree with 3 intertwined roots to represent me, my husband and our daughter. I placed a stone in the pot with the word "LOVE" engraved on it. The plant requires constant care and attention, it is a commitment ... like a marriage.
—Guest JAR Leg

5th to Remember

I am going to wake my wife to breakfast in bed. We don't have much money. So I got a cherry wood serving tray. The tray is a 9 opening picture frame as well. I gathered photos from when we first met, our wedding, honeymoon, 4 vacations, one picture of our 5 month old daughter, and one of us as a family. Then we are going to take our daughter for her first walk. All of this, and she thinks I'm working. It's the only way she won't notice me getting up first. I had to fib a little. But I think she'll forgive me.
—Guest Classic Love

Trip Souvenir

On our fifth anniversary we were on a vacation and my husband picked out a little bear carved out of wood to give to me. Not only was it a reminder of a great vacation, but it is an anniversary gift I still have -- 43 years later.
—Guest Mary Ann

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