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Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their sixth wedding anniversary. Readers have shared successful gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your sixth anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage. Traditional gifts are candy and iron, while more modern gifts often are made of wood.

Pumping "Iron"!

My husband is a strength and conditioning coach and big weight-lifter, so I made a chocolate peanut butter dumbbell by melting chocolate and peanut tater layers inside a dog bone cookie cutter and stretching the rounded edges of the bone to make them flat! it was a hit!
—Guest Jenn

Candy! Candy! Candy!

Well I wanted to surprise my husband with a weekend trip to Hershey, PA and go to the Hershey factory but had some unexpected repairs to pay for this year. So I'm getting him a bag of personalized m&m's in our wedding colors and found out that there were a few small candy factory/resturant places and ma and pop candy stores in the area I live in. So I'll take him to one of those stores and out to dinner.
—Guest Niki

Iron Beer Openner

We had recently put in a new covered patio outside where we loved to entertain guests. I bought him a cast iron beer opener (one that screws into the post on the patio). A whole variety of different ones available online. He loved it! And it comes in handy when we entertain.
—Guest karen

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

My husband loves apricots, so I bought an apricot tree that he planted and he can enjoy the apricots from year after year.
—Guest Janine


For my husband, I think he would love the traditional route with a set of new golf clubs ... Irons. I'll likely do a gift card in a wooden box so that he can go pick out the proper set for himself.
—Guest Amy

Chocolates of course!

What else to give when the traditional gift is candy? Chocolates of course! I bought one of those heart-shaped boxes of chocolate at Valentine's day and hid it until our anniversary that year.

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