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Many folks struggle when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their eighth wedding anniversary. Share your successful gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your eighth anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage. Traditional gifts are pottery and bronze, while more modern gifts often include lace and linen. 8th Anniversary Ideas

On the Rings of Love

I love the wear, scratches, and life shown through our wedding rings, even more so as our 8th anniversary approaches. One morning, when my husband was sleeping and not wearing his ring, I arranged our rings on the counter, with mine above his to form a figure 8. There was also a reflection that created a heart within them. We had our wedding date engraved on the inside, so I also had the date visible. I took a picture and plan to surprise my husband with it on his anniversary card.
—Guest Amazing Days

1 Hour of Fun While Playing With Pennies

I took 7 copper pennies and formed the #7 in ascending order using the date they were married, 2005 to current. Took photos & emailed with ? 1. How many pennies did it take for me to get 7 consecutive? 2. What year enabled me to stop? 3. What year was the penny that was so shiny that I thought it was more current? 4. What penny was the imposter? 5. A penny for your thoughts?
—Guest Lydia

Bronze Frame & Pillow Cases

We were apart (deployment) for our 8th Anniversary so I bought a bronze frame and had my picture taken and printed in Sepia color and framed in it. Then I made a pillow case (Linen) for him and matching one for me to have at home.
—Guest Michelle

Wife to Husband Gift with Sports Theme

Traditional gift to give is Bronze. Classic icon trophy that is case in Bronze is Heisman trophy. Find great pics or autographed items of Heisman trophy winner. Can focus on the year the player won it, the number of a former winner whether college number or pro number.
—Guest Traveler9621

Gift "basket"

Put some treats or other small items in a bronze or pottery bowl as a gift basket.
—Guest Michelle


Great pottery available at The Linn Pottery Studio and Gallery. check out the website
—Guest Michelle


An idea for this one is to go to a Color-Me-Mine location where you get to pick, paint and decorate your own pottery.
—Guest Heather

Bronze Shoes

With the help of my mom and my mother-in-law, I was able to locate a pair of baby shoes for each of us. I had them bronzed and put in a nice shadow box. My wife was thrilled with the gift.
—Guest Henry

8th Anniversary Ideas

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