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Readers Respond: Best Marriage Advice From Your Father

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Dads often give advice. What is the best marriage advice you received from your father? How did the advice help or improve your marriage? Share Your Dad's Advice

Pappa's Advice

My dad is no more now but every time there was a conflict with my husband I tell my dad and he used to advise both of us and sort out our problems. He wanted us to adjust and be tolerant. As educated human beings he wanted us to be more civilized. Till his 77th year of his life he was a great support for me. I miss you dad.
—Guest selvi

Good or Bad

My dad told me 'Whether good or bad go along with husband because he is your life ... not the world.
—Guest 788

Respect When You Argue

My dad told me never shout at each other, stay calm, and respect each other even when you argue.
—Guest Astulia

Don't Hold on to Anger

My step-dad gave me sound advice: "Don't go to bed mad." That advice served us very well over the almost 50 years of our marriage, until death did us part.

Have a Short Tongue

My father always said that the secret of a happy marriage is a short tongue. Instead of saying the first thing that pops into your head to your spouse in a heated discussion, bite your tongue, and consider the consequences before proceeding. I have been married to the same man for 19 years, and I am lucky to have him. I know that biting my tongue helps me to weigh my words more carefully.
—Guest Susan H.

Communicate With Each Other

My dad told me to always communicate with each other. I think I have been more honest with my husband than anyone else in my life.
—Guest fkh38

Outdo Each Other in Kindness

My dad told me 'try to outdo each other in kindness.' I thought that was good advice. That way you are concentrating on the positive.

Share Your Dad's Advice

Best Marriage Advice From Your Father

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