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Readers Respond: Labor of Love

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A labor of love is a task or job done out of love with no expectation of payment. What's the most meaningful labor of love you have received from your spouse? What is the most meaningful labor of love you give your spouse? Do you think your spouse recognizes it as a labor of love? Readers share their answers.

Low or No Sex, FIX

guest jd, and others, you want a solution! Look in the mirror and see the person enabling this bad behavior to continue. You lack the courage to change the situation and take on an argument with your spouse. She or he is wrong for withholding sex but you own this for allowing it to continue. All this crap and your excuses don't fix the problem. Your partner gets a car, home, security, a family life, pretends to her or his friends that life is fine etc etc. Put a stop to it and let the person know, this stops now and without resentment or the consequence is tell your family and friends why I'm in a hotel on OUR CREDIT CARD. ( chicken ) ?

Does Sex Really Start In My Brain?

I’m going to start with something really basic. Men want to be wanted. They don’t want to be placated. So when it comes to intimacy, we women need to step up to the plate a little bit more. You may think you’re meeting his needs because you’re making love a few times a week, but he won’t feel loved unless you put some energy and enthusiasm into it! That can be hard for us women.

Labor of Love

My husband worked 12 hours and came home to me in bed, not feeling well so he left me to sleep and got the kids up and dressed and off to school. I did not ask him to do this, he chose to do this for me. He was very tired but he put aside his needs to tend to mine. He is a wonderful man. I do not always give him the credit he deserves but I am trying to change that!
—Guest claff3

Be Positive

Happiness keep you sweet. Be positive ..."God knows what the tide will bring tomorrow" !
—Guest Munir

Showing Kindness in Marriage

Unfortunately, my ex husband did the opposite of all these suggestions. I can't tell you how hurtful it was & I still can't understand why he treated our marriage like garbage.
—Guest goldy55

Think Twice

Think twice or thrice if you think someone else can offer you more than your spouse can. Give the one you married all the love and energy and not another. So many can't see this and end up regretting their choices forever!
—Guest tune76

Pulling Weeds

My spouse takes care of the weeding of our gardens. I love to garden, but really don't like the weeding part.

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