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Readers Respond: Would You Create an Anniversary Bridal Registry?

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Should married couples sign up for a bridal registry for anniversary gifts?

Many bridal registry services include anniversaries in their gift registry services. Although many couples prefer to not receive gifts from others on their anniversaries, there are married couples who do want the gifts.

Things to think about... Do you think it is tacky to create an anniversary gift registry or do you think like a bridal registry, it is a good idea? What is your experience with anniversary gift registries? Would you create an anniversary bridal registry?


Anniversary registries are only slightyly more tacky than bridal registries, in my opinion. I don't like to be "told" what to buy for any occasion.
—Guest Toni

Poor Taste

No, I wouldn't. I think asking for gifts for an anniversary celebration is in poor taste. Most couples who have been married a few years have the necessities of running a home.

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