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Readers Respond: Stories About Santa and Mrs. Claus

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From the article: Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus
We know the story of Santa and Princess Anwyn, Santa and Layla, and Santa and Jessica. What is your favorite tale about about Santa and Mrs. Claus? Share Your Favorite Story

His Laugh

I love how the book "Mrs. Claus: My Life as the Wife of the Big Cheese" says she was originally annoyed with his "ho ho ho!" laugh... But then it grew on her. We've all had little things like that with spouses or relationships where we grew to love something that originally annoyed us... Editor's Note: So true!
—Guest Jane

The Santa Switch Stars A Mod Mrs. Claus!

My award-winning book, "The Santa Switch," starring a modern, fabulous version of Mrs. Claus, is the first in a series of beautifully illustrated holiday picture books that underscore the importance of communication, validation, respect, and appreciation in one of the most famous marriages in the world. Santa and Jessica Claus are equal partners, with Jessica being the CEO (Chief Elf Optimizer) of the toy shop. She loves her good-natured, big-hearted husband, and they share the same vision -- but she's definitely the "doer" to his "dreamer"!"The Santa Switch's" positive, gender-empowering message, lovable spin on legendary characters and eye-catching illustrations are sure to warm hearts and tickle funny bones of the young AND the young-at-heart -- making it a treasured read for all at Christmastime! Available online at www.jessicaclaus.com, and in a growing number of select boutiques and independent bookstores. Merry Christmas, everyone! :-)
—Guest Laura Lee Scott

Anya and The Old Man

My favorite story of how a couple became Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus is the one told in Blake Edwards' Santa Claus: The Movie. The old man and Anya Claus are given immortality and turn into Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus after an encounter with the Ancient Elf.

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Stories About Santa and Mrs. Claus

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