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Readers Respond: Suggestions for date nights for married couples.

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Just about everyone agrees that scheduling date nights is a must in a marriage relationship. Finding things to do on a date and finding time to have the date are roadblocks for many couples. Here are our reader's date night tips.

"YOUR WIFE'S NAME" Restaurant

as for indoor ideas, you can buy the chef's uniform and hat. Print a poster written a fake name of a restaurant you have invented, stick it to the opposite wall of the house door. when she enters, treat her as a guest, (Try to be so serious) offer her a cold beverage and a menu written in your handwriting. try to make her taste the food before you serve but dont share the food let her invite you to the table as she is attracted to the chef. that can end in a very happy ending :))
—Guest Ahmed Yousry

Have a Purpose

Purpose to bring back the old romantic experience. Compliment each other for this is oil to grease the rough edges of life. Above all reassure each other for constant love.
—Guest Kaizer k


Roll play on a date -- pretend the two of you just met and talk about things that make you both laugh.
—Guest lou

Date Nights for Married Couples

Have lots of sex wherever it can be on your date. Where there is a will there is a way. Spice it up. It's only over when you are dead. There is nothing more vibrant than two people who clearly live to love. Keep it close.
—Guest BELLE

Manny Man

I love just being with my spouse. Any time is good with me.
—Guest vanny


I've been married to the same guy for over 30 years. One of the things you never do on date night is talk about negative things and business. What's a date night if you don't feel a connection during the date? There is nothing more disappointing than a date that reminds you how much you're not connected. You will wish you never went on the date to see how far apart you are. There should be touching, eye contact and please ... good conversation. Basically, don't talk about the disappointment in children, church or job.
—Guest belinda martin

Candle Light Dinner

The perfect date concept is to have candle light dinner. Go on long drive ...
—Guest Yes

Date Night Kits

Buy a pre-packaged date night kit from www.inthemomentparties.com. There are kits for staying in for couples who can't get away but desperately need time to themselves, kits for those who have a full day to spend together, meals, hockey games and even custom ordered date nights.

One Night Stand

Many couples cannot afford to get away. So get a babysitter - grandparent, sister, or another couple to watch the kids overnight and stay home. Plan a cozy meal, hot bath, candles, etc., and honeymoon right at home. However, you still have to turn off the TV, Computer, etc.
—Guest dee jackson


"Date Night" Modernistic propaganda. No wonder your marriages are under strain. You still want to act like the character on "Friends." That was fiction you bunch of clowns! You are better off sitting on the couch together with a beer watching the TV. Why don't you all just grow up? Editor's Note: Marriage experts disagree with this comment and recommend that married couples have date nights on a regular basis.
—Guest Listen Learn

Focus on Your Spouse

There are LOTS of great things you can do on a date night, and what you do isn't the most important thing as long as it is something that lets you connect with your spouse the way you used to. There are so many distractions at home and couples rarely have the same kind of connection with each other after years of marriage that they easily had while dating. Bring that back! Read my full article about it at http://www.jefftalks.com/2010/spouse/dating-after-marriage/ Editor's Note: Jeff's blog asks for donations.
—Guest JeffTalks

A Blind Date... Sort of..

My husband and I not only love date night but we also like to incorporate some sense of mystery so that there's a little bit of fun to go along with it. We will agree on a time to meet each other at a nice bar. Usually one that is attached to a hotel, so we can get a room that same evening. I will be sitting at the bar and I am supposed to act as if I've never seen my husband before. It is, kind of hard to do b/c we've known, each other so long, but this works wonders for our marriage. We'll flirt with each other, as if we've never met before and to us that's really exciting! I can say with confidence that our sex life isn't boring when the blind date comes to a close and we head upstairs! This is not an every week or even an every month date night idea for us. We tend, to do this maybe 3 times per year, or whenever the moment arises!

Lots of Ideas

Wine tastings, ranging from the simple/silly to the sublime (one is held monthly at a local CVS! And one was a 3 day weekend with workshops and serious tastings). For a while a lot of local restaurants were hosting dinners with wine for a flat fee, and we used to hit those a few times per year. Season tickets to the ballet and a theater in town, etc. This gives us predefined nights to be in town and dressed up. Fly Fishing Lessons, Baseball games, An evening at the Driving range, A day at the pistol range, A day shooting sporting clays, Try the new restaurant, Charity events, Coffee and a cookie or an ice cream cone. Movies, at home or in the theater. Antiquing with a goal, ie, specific list of items. From Marriage Forum
—Guest Shopper113

Unstructured Time

Is there a publication or website that offers info on local events? I'm not up on the idea of a book so much, there might be a lot in there your wife has no interest in. Tailor things to what she likes. Ask her if there's anything she'd like to try. As long as it isn't bungie jumping, LOL, you should be alright. Does she dance? If not, does she want to learn? Are there any make-you-own, paint-your-own, build-your-own specialty shops nearby that offer any public events where you could do something creative together? We've spent plenty of time in a city just walking, talking, looking around and going wherever a whim takes us, be it an antique store or a cafe or a park. Some of the best of time is unstructured time. From Marriage Forum
—Guest Alex

List Your Goals in Dating

Try your local newspaper ... especially the free alternative newspaper. Usually there are lists of interesting community activities for little to no cost. Your local news channels or craiglist may have those kinds of listings online as well. Community classes may fit the bill or auditing classes and the local U. Or even finding somewhere to volunteer. Or ... you could sit with your wife and list your goals in dating. More specific the better. Then choose activities to support those goals. If your goal is to talk more, a movie isn't going to fit the bill. If your goal is to learn new things about each other, going to the same places is out. Talk about it. From Marriage Forum
—Guest Becky

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