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Readers Respond: How Do You Define Marriage? What is Marriage?

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From the article: Definition of Marriage
With the same-sex marriage debate going on, many people have defined marriage while others have asked "What is marriage?" Some of the definitions refer to marriage as a legal contract, as a right, as a spiritual bond, as part of God's plan, and more.

What is Marriage

marriage is forbidden with to people who show love till their last breath and willing to sacrifice one another..
—Guest janeth

Redefine Marriage

Any couple who have give birth to at less one child together. The term "Marriage" will legally blinded the parents to the welfare of their children, until the children reach a certain legal age. Having adopted children or step-children does not define the two caretakers as married.
—Guest Henry


Many have been said on marriage, but according to my own reasoning. Marriage can be define as a legal union between man and woman or An agreement between one man and one woman.


Marriage is the union of man and woman in love and in covenant as long as they are alive to set up their own family and share every thing.

Personal Definition of Marriage

Marriage is a legal union between the two opposite sex destined by God...
—Guest Petrina

What is Marriage

Marriage is the bond between two people who love each other and are prepared to spend the rest of their lives with one another through the good and the bad. A marriage should not be singled out to be between JUST man and woman. Same sex couples are every right to become married and for it to be viewed and recognized the same as a man and a woman. In the 21st century religion is less involved within a marriage. You do not have to be married in a church.
—Guest Ebony

Historical and Dictionary Views

From a historical viewpoint, "marriage" has pretty much always meant "a man and a woman" (at least, in Western civilization). There were some minor exceptions (polygamy), but it's always been opposite genders. Most dictionary's support this fact, although more and more are becoming gender-neutral. If it was just about love and commitment, then how could we say "no" to polygamists, or pedophiles, or siblings? If it was only about love and commitment, can we even set age limits? Why must a very small minority of the population force the rest to change the definitions of "marriage", "husband", and "wife", as they have stood for thousands of years of human history?
—Guest tmg_63

A Marriage

A marriage is a committed union between a man and a woman who agreed to forsake others. Marriage was intended to unite two people for the sake of producing children. if same-sex couples want to love each other forever that is just fine but the union is not accepted under God and is not accepted by law. I can appreciate their wants and desires for equality but as a same-sex couple all you can produce are adopted children. Do not misunderstand -- I believe all children need to be loved but that is not the topic. As a society we are becoming less united and traditions are being tossed into the trash.
—Guest Mrs N Pogue

Marriage Is An Option

Marriage is a purest and sacred bond shared by a bride and the groom that no human could separate them. It's only death!!
—Guest jhino_glenn


Mutual agreement between man and woman to leave together and do all that appertains to it.
—Guest kipjoh

Marriage is a Sacrament

Being one of the Sacraments of the bible Marriage is the responsibility and sole ownership of the church. In the bible it states word for word that a marriage is between a man and a women. I believe homosexual couples shouldn't be able to have a "marriage" ceremony. However I believe it is a basic human right for true love to be established. I don't believe it is our place to judge whether a person should be united or not and receive the same benefits as other non gay married couples. I believe the bonding of same sex couples should not be called marriage but be offered a different route that offers the same benefits without changing the meaning of of the sacrament marriage.
—Guest Mandy

Traditional Marriage is Genuine

All cultures and history have shown us what marriage is; a man and a woman starting and raising a family, and so on, for each generation. It is one of the building blocks of society. It has stood the test of time. It's not about rights, it's about qualifications.
—Guest Geoff

What is Marriage...

Marriage is the RIGHT to marry whomever regardless of sex. Marriage is an EQUAL Opportunity RIGHT! One nation, under God? In America all people should not be subject to religious persecution. The religious grounds for marriage are illegitimate! Remember Church and state should be separate, this is not a theocracy people! That is why we are the land of the free! Right? That's why we are what we are! Right? What is marriage? The only definition I can give you is that Marriage is a human right!
—Guest under god?

Marriage Should Be and Will Be

Between your soul mate whether you are gay or straight. It is a human right. Everyone should be allowed to marry. Just like women weren't allowed to vote to the 20th century. It's the same thing. Morals are the most important thing a person can have. They define the person. So I ask why is the federal government still discriminating? It is the 21st century. If I had to call Australia a country it would be a third world country. If you heard Ellen Degeneras, gay teenagers have been committing suicide because they are depressed. They are spat upon. They can't get married. So stop wasting millions of dollars on campaigns to stop suicide. Legalize same-sex marriage so it will help teenagers feel they can be gay and they don't marry pretending to be heterosexual because we've all seen it the Australian politician marry but he was caught at a gay strip club. He said he married heterosexual for the right public image. As soon as teenagers and adults see it is all right to be gay through same sex marriage!!!!!
—Guest Straight Guest

What is True Marriage?

Unconditional love, it's not about sex, it's not about money, it's not about the church. True love, true marriage is unconditional. You love each other no matter what. You want to be with your mate all the time no matter what, in heart and soul, in health or sickness no matter what. You are there for the love of your life, no complaints, no hate, no disregard, no regrets. You live for the memories of life you have lived and enjoyed with your love, your soul mate, your spouse, your unconditional life partner, your wife or your husband. Think about that. That is a true marriage. Nothing more nothing less. I am still looking for my unconditional love. It is hard to find, but I keep looking. So should you. :-)
—Guest Mandara43

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