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Readers Respond: How Do You Define Marriage? What is Marriage?

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From the article: Definition of Marriage
With the same-sex marriage debate going on, many people have defined marriage while others have asked "What is marriage?" Some of the definitions refer to marriage as a legal contract, as a right, as a spiritual bond, as part of God's plan, and more. Share Your Definitions


Many have been said on marriage, but according to my own reasoning. Marriage can be define as a legal union between man and woman or An agreement between one man and one woman.

Love in Marriage

Marriage is a mutual understanding the relationship of Love and care of each other souls at whatever situation without any conditions :)
—Guest Mouli

The Definition of Marriage

I can confirm that as someone who comes from a non-Christian, non-religious culture, marriage has always been the union between a man and a woman for the sole purpose of procreation. Young adults are encouraged to get married so they can start a family. I have nothing against homosexuals and their right to join each other in union but they are distorting the basic definition of marriage to fit their own sexual preference.
—Guest Milwaukee


Marriage is a legal union between a man and a woman to be come a husband and wife.
—Guest bestman

What is Marriage

Marriage is a good method where two known and unknown people connect to each other.
—Guest Mrs.Rao

Marriage Was Invented By Man, Not God

Where do people get off saying that marriage in the eyes of God is between a man and a woman? What about prehistoric times? There WAS no institution of marriage. If it was deemed by God, then why did it not come about until mankind decided it should be so? It seems to me, if it was God's will, it would always have been so. Instead it didn't come about until organized religion. Duh.
—Guest Sahara


Marriage is a mutual agreement of two opposite sex.
—Guest manjunath b.t

A Spiritual Meld That Starts a Family

It has been a part of religion long before most nations today existed. In Judeo-Christian faith, it even pre-dates the Church. It has been the basis of starting a family that crosses the nation boundaries. It is a framework that provides a stable foundation for procreating and raising offspring as well as providing structure of inheritance. The Christian belief considers it a covenant, which has more permanence than a mere contract that has God's backing and shouldn't be entered lightly. We believe the two spirits become one, and a new family starts. That's what makes marriage more than a civil union, the spiritual significance. I don't think that the state should tell the church how to define one of the key elements of its faith. Likewise, I don't think the state should be telling people of different faith either.
—Guest Daniel

Marriage is Ordained by God

its an ordaine union by God between a man and a woman.and any one who is against this is an acultic, a witch or a wizard
—Guest ernest

Definition of Marriage

Marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman established on the principle of socially approved, positive, biologic potential.
—Guest Jim

Purely Civil

While we immagine what we want our own marriages to be, the fact is those definitions do not define what society intends and how it benefits. The question isn't "WHAT is marriage?", but "WHY is marriage?" Marriage is an institution which provides stability within society. It creates the bonds of "family" which in turn provides social structure, security, and a safety net supporting family members in times of need. It promotes sexual fidelity which stabilizes and focuses responsibility and commitment to the importance of procreation and the raising of children to become responsible citizens. Accordingly, civil societies have all granted privileges to encourage marriage. Rights of inheritance, tax benefits, and the continuance of pensions to widows are but a few, and we justified such privileges because, although one partner may not have had the opportunity to work outside the home, she (or he) is instrumental to the productivity of the other as well as progenitor to future generation
—Guest Roger H.

Marriage Is "Love" Unconditional

I am a black physically disabled PROUD lesbian woman. I am in a committed, Loving, Caring, Respectful, Compassionate relationship/marriage to the woman of my dreams, my soul mate. How do I define marriage? in my eyes ALL marriages be it Heterosexual or Same Sex should be based on "LOVE" because true love covers all obstacles and boundaries that are sometimes set before us by people who truly do not understand. We all have our unique definitions on "What Is Marriage, or What Defines A "REAL" Marriage". Until the day I die I will always believe marriage is about two people who truly love, care for and respect each other. I tell everyone believe it or not same sex couples love and adore each other just as much and just as deeply as heterosexuals. Many people think of same sex couples as being perverted sexually. I'm here to tell you that our relationships are NOT solely based on sex that is one of the biggest misconceptions and stereotypes. Marriage is about love and committment not sex.


You can not officially say that marriage has always between a man and a woman. We don't know that since in 865 pope nicholas 1 said that any marriage that was not done in ceromony or with witnesses even if consumated was null and void. Our history is full of things that have been sensored either by the church or kings and queens where they decide it is not something we need to know or not. Or they change the facts because it was against their beliefs. So no you can not say with full certainty that marriage has always been between a man and a woman. There have been same sex couples through out time whether you want to believe it or not. Marriage is a commitment between peoples souls where the commit to love and standby each other through all that life has to throw at them till death parts ther


The legal binding and recognising of two people as life partners, often with much celebration. Someone said it before: We do not live in a theocracy. Church and state are (allegedly) separate. If marriage is a union under God, 'til death do you part, why do the heterosexual-marriage-only people not have as much of a problem with divorce? Is ending something that God created not comparable to ending a life God created? Or is marriage not as sacred as a life? That said, as the state and church are separate, the state is largely incapable of forcing the church to marry two people. People can be already be married sans church, though. (If two pieces of rope can be married, so can two women / two men.)
—Guest LWill

What is Marriage

Marriage is a union between one man and one woman, "till death do they part." A commitment to the other person to love, honor, respect, to look out for their interests and not merely one's own. To build a life together. To make life together fuller than life apart. In sickness and in health. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.
—Guest Tina

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How Do You Define Marriage? What is Marriage?

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