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Readers Respond: What Do You Do When Your Family Doesn't Like Your Spouse?

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Family disapproval of who you chose to marry can be devastating emotionally and also hurtful to your own marriage. How have you handled it when those close to you don't like your spouse? Do you try to be the "peanut butter" between your spouse and family or friends? Do you just stay away from those who disapprove of your spouse? What Has Worked For You?

Don't Know If I Agree With All the Above

My humble opinion. Because iv lived it! My husband was 25, I was 22. My husband pushed everything under the rug. He didn't set boundaries. His parents always had control in his life. They didn't agree with our marriage because I had been married for a short time prior. After a year passed of extremely uncomfortable situations. I finally lost my mind and slowly started to hate. I do mean HATE my marriage, my in-laws ,even myself. We've been married for 15yrs now. My advice... Make your wife number one, unless you're young or she's a drug addict. And tell your parents you love them but you will not see my family unless you treat her well. And your wife needs to be good to them. Because sometimes we have to honor our parent's from afar. I no longer hate and wish them well. But, I no longer dig a wound and go around. My husband chooses to not go around and to be honest.... I think higher of him. A marriage is hard and if you let outsiders cause a wedge, to me that's sinning.
—Guest leann

Nothing Has Worked

My mother-in-law doesn't like me and never will. I don't go to the family events at their home. I do stay home when they come here for birthdays, etc. I am a good husband and father and I'd like to think they will eventually let go of their disdain of me.
—Guest Pete

What Has Worked For You?

What Do You Do When Your Family Doesn't Like Your Spouse?

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