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Readers Respond: Ways to Show Your Appreciation

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It is important that on a regular basis you show your appreciation for who your spouse is and not just for what your spouse does. Readers share how they show appreciation to their spouse.


It is very important to always appreciate your spouse in whatever he does to you whether big or small because the bible says love covers a multitude of things, meaning that even if you were disappointment somewhere because of the love that you have for him you will remain calm and appreciative. Marriage has a lot of challenges that needs you to get closer to God so that he can help you to direct your path in everything you do.
—Guest erone Christine

Ways to Show Appreciation

It is very good to show appreciation for what someone has done for you . Thank very big for that.
—Guest Erone chrisrine

Appreciate Appreciation

I’ve learned (the hard way) to acknowledge and appreciate the little ways my fella appreciates me. From "Thanks for remembering to get diet soda, hon" to "I know laundry is boring, thanks for helping", I know when I make the effort to be kind in everyday tasks such as making his favorite spice/meat/sauce mixture for spaghetti, if he notices and compliments me for it, I happily bask in that glow! Men do little things to show their love and feel very proud of their efforts. Many ladies expect momentous displays of affection and are more often than not disappointed, for men aren’t adept at such exhibitions, as I bet many would agree. The little ways he loves you is an accurate index of his feelings; trust his sincerity ladies, then notice and compliment him on his efforts from the trivial to the significant. I promise you will both feel great! Besides who doesn't love a good ego stroke from time to time? ^_^
—Guest Lifelong_Learner

how to make your man enjoy coming home

I found this article on ehow that really helped http://www.ehow.com/how_5593671_make-husband-love-coming-home.html Editor's Note: This article appears to have been written by the individual who submitted this tip. I don't think the article was "found."

Ways I show appreciation

When he does something good...big or small, I use words. Thank you. I appreciate that. That makes me feel so special when you do that. You've just made my life easier....more fun...happier because you did that. A light touch on his arm, face, hand, etc when saying thank you or smiling big in response to what he has said...or a quick kiss, a quick, light rub of his back....a squeeze of his hand or knee. And most of all... a loving eat you up look with the words thank you. Amazing the wonderful responses I get.... :^)
—Guest Sarah

Ways to show your Appreciation

It was nice to see. I had one of those duh me moments when I read the subject matter. But thank you for the reminder. Once a year at least I've hoped to remember to keep that up, when I did I found that not only did he received the post-it with the ability to make him have a quick smile. I felt a smile inside when I wrote or jotted down the item. After 24 years of being married you'd think it would be a natural instinct. But with life and the time constraints of the our days I've dropped the ball sometimes a month or year to be honest. The article left me with a smile so thought I'd respond to say Thank You for the reminder and the memories. Now I need to go jot down a note.
—Guest ladyrussell

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