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Readers Respond: Top Ways to Flirt with Your Spouse

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From the article: Flirt With the One You Love
Flirting is healthy for your marriage as long as you are flirting with your spouse. How do you flirt with your spouse? How does your spouse flirt with you? What are your thoughts about flirting? Readers share how they flirt with their spouse.

How I Flirt With My Pumpkin Seed

I slowly reach out and grab his salt and pepper mustachio with both hands and draw him in for a kiss usually while we are in a restaurant or a highly public place.
—Guest Barbara


I send him txt messages and put messages on the mirror while in the shower.
—Guest 25 years of flirting

Top Ways to Flirt With My Spouse

I put on something I know he'll like to see me in and trot my stuff and pretend I don't notice him looking ........ lol.

How Do I Flirt With My Spouse

By putting my hand over his neck (at the back) and turning his head to face me. Then I look into his eyes smiling.
—Guest Nature

Hand on Knee

My putting my hand on my husband's knee when we are in a restaurant, or in the car, or in a movie theater, etc., is one of the ways that I effectively flirt with my husband.
—Guest Jan

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