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Readers Respond: What Do You Want From Marriage?

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We've written about emotional needs and what wives and husbands often want from their spouses. We'd like to hear from you what you want from your spouse and from your marriage. What do you want from your marriage? Share Your Wants

Old Time Relationship

I have been married twice. Cheated on both times. Once with my own sister. Online romances were another problem. I need my significant other to actually care about my feelings and actually want to touch me, kiss me and make love to me. When we go to work or out in public, I want to feel like he is still into me. He doesn't. He flirts with 20 year old girls. Talks sexually to them. He's a medic so he thinks he is a lady killer. He constantly has to show me how close he is to the nurses and flirts with them. When we go out he will stare constantly at a particular woman and follow her around. Its like I'm not even there. The first month we made love all the time. Now he claims to be impotent. We never make love. He never kisses. ( maybe a peck on the lips) I don't know what to do. I have men that want to be with me but I won't cheat. I love him. Want to feel like I'm the only woman in the room when we go out. Want him to respect me because he wants to. I wish men were like our grandparents.

27 Years Roller Coaster!

Been married 27 years but involved for 33. Had ups and downs but wouldn't of missed a minute. Marriage is about mutual respect ... taking time to talk together, honesty, and knowing that even though you absolutely hate them in the middle of that row ... it will all blow over!!
—Guest rach


I want trust to believe in me. A little privacy I am not hidden anything. But just believe in me
—Guest laura lopez

What I Want in My Marriage

communication and appreciation will be nice after ..... months of neglect and hurt .... all I have now is Hello and bye.. and that's a huge improvement ... it was not speaking or responding to me for about 8 months .... sex is out the window almost a year now ....
—Guest cindee

Nothing Is Ever Easy

Life's hard, marriage is harder with constant awareness of the other person, but I would rather live a life with him and it be hard than no other. pay attention to body language and little comments he makes. remember that he doesn't want to fight so approach in a nice way without attacking him. let him talk to you about how he feels. communication, and be best friends, that's what I think. the rest should fall into place.
—Guest tiffany

What You Want From Marriage

an husband should be a constant support, as the gal leaves behind everything and comes and stays with him, he shld give love , respect, care, liberty ... and shld be with her in all ups n downs, they shld hang out together share their worries, happiness, tell each other want they expect, and have a good sex life too
—Guest shona

Peace and Forgiveness Always

I love my wife very very much. I want our marriage to be filled with peace and forgiveness than ever before. I want to be the best man she will ever meet in her life. I will try my best. I choose her for myself. God help me.
—Guest starnislus haambokoma

Marriage Sucks

I got married less than a year ago and its horrible!
—Guest kd

I'l Give My Marriage My Best Shot

Am an introvert but i loosen up when my partner shows sincere interest in my feelings. I want my husband to pay attention when i have to say something and spend more time with the kids and i other than his friends every free time he has. I want him to respect me enough to call home and tell me that he's going out and will be home late. I love him so much and i want our marriage to stand the test of time. Marriage is the hardest thing i've ever had to do; i will give it my best shot and leave God to take care everything else thats beyond me. There are times when am so bitter from so much longing but i aint giving up...
—Guest Felicity

Why Did I Stay Married for 20 Years?

I wish my husband could have been more of a friend. He's always hiding things from me like saying he works when he's golfing. he dosent help cook or grocery shop. he always plans hunting trips and fishing trips and softball teams and never thinks to plan anything special with me. I knew he loved me but he was not loving enough. He started online relationships and always denied them. that ultimately destroyed everything. he begged me to reconsider but why would I? he could always count on me to be home cooking cleaning....or working out. walking the dog. enjoying our child. he never took the time to enjoy anything really just competitive things. I found a man just his opposite. thank god I finally have a companion. Its so nice.
—Guest diane

What Men Want: 3 Simple Things

I am very simple and just want 3 things: Love, Needed, Appreciation. Men want to be the King of the home .. we want Love and Sex, We want to be needed by you and make decisions, and we want you to praise and appreciate everything we do. Is that so hard ? When men feel you no longer need them - they will start looking for a woman that does.
—Guest Michael

Minimum Needs

I would just like an occasional touch. Not sexual, just a hand on shoulder or arm when passing. Just an indication that she sees me, knows I'm there and cares. Too much to ask for?

45 Years of Hate

Since we were married 45 + years ago my husband didn't want sex, togetherness, communication with me. We only have a piece of paper we signed after our wedding. I want all kinds of things but now my life is too short for wants now. I worry about waking up one day at a time and my feet hit the floor. Editor's Note: It's not too late to take control of your own life.
—Guest Amy

Small Manhood

i have being married for 4 years, and i hardly enjoy sex with my husband as i would have love to, his manhood is small. and i will love to make it biger if i can cos i hate flirting and i dont even know how to talk to him about this. what do i do?
—Guest eunice


Also never take each other for granted and maybe do little precious things? Or try and make them seeee Maybe :/
—Guest unknown

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What Do You Want From Marriage?

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