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Readers Respond: What Do You Want From Marriage?

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We've written about emotional needs and what wives and husbands often want from their spouses. We'd like to hear from you what you want from your spouse and from your marriage. What do you want from your marriage? Share Your Wants

Peace and Forgiveness Always

I love my wife very very much. I want our marriage to be filled with peace and forgiveness than ever before. I want to be the best man she will ever meet in her life. I will try my best. I choose her for myself. God help me.
—Guest starnislus haambokoma

Marriage Sucks

I got married less than a year ago and its horrible!
—Guest kd

I'l Give My Marriage My Best Shot

Am an introvert but i loosen up when my partner shows sincere interest in my feelings. I want my husband to pay attention when i have to say something and spend more time with the kids and i other than his friends every free time he has. I want him to respect me enough to call home and tell me that he's going out and will be home late. I love him so much and i want our marriage to stand the test of time. Marriage is the hardest thing i've ever had to do; i will give it my best shot and leave God to take care everything else thats beyond me. There are times when am so bitter from so much longing but i aint giving up...
—Guest Felicity

Why Did I Stay Married for 20 Years?

I wish my husband could have been more of a friend. He's always hiding things from me like saying he works when he's golfing. he dosent help cook or grocery shop. he always plans hunting trips and fishing trips and softball teams and never thinks to plan anything special with me. I knew he loved me but he was not loving enough. He started online relationships and always denied them. that ultimately destroyed everything. he begged me to reconsider but why would I? he could always count on me to be home cooking cleaning....or working out. walking the dog. enjoying our child. he never took the time to enjoy anything really just competitive things. I found a man just his opposite. thank god I finally have a companion. Its so nice.
—Guest diane

What Men Want: 3 Simple Things

I am very simple and just want 3 things: Love, Needed, Appreciation. Men want to be the King of the home .. we want Love and Sex, We want to be needed by you and make decisions, and we want you to praise and appreciate everything we do. Is that so hard ? When men feel you no longer need them - they will start looking for a woman that does.
—Guest Michael

Minimum Needs

I would just like an occasional touch. Not sexual, just a hand on shoulder or arm when passing. Just an indication that she sees me, knows I'm there and cares. Too much to ask for?

45 Years of Hate

Since we were married 45 + years ago my husband didn't want sex, togetherness, communication with me. We only have a piece of paper we signed after our wedding. I want all kinds of things but now my life is too short for wants now. I worry about waking up one day at a time and my feet hit the floor. Editor's Note: It's not too late to take control of your own life.
—Guest Amy

Small Manhood

i have being married for 4 years, and i hardly enjoy sex with my husband as i would have love to, his manhood is small. and i will love to make it biger if i can cos i hate flirting and i dont even know how to talk to him about this. what do i do?
—Guest eunice


Also never take each other for granted and maybe do little precious things? Or try and make them seeee Maybe :/
—Guest unknown


I think there should be either time off or space or go to a beautiful relaxing place maybe even a holiday to clear the minds and think of how far you have come? How you fell in love? And remind eachother the little things or as the article explained give yourselves a break and know yourself :) have your own space but certainly try to talk things over, best wishes i hope it works i am not too sure thats just a suggesstion hope it works!
—Guest unknown

Positive Words That's What

Im 27f been married 1yr involved for 5. My man is 32. We dont see eye to eye in conversation! it drives me nuts. I need emotional conformation when i share conversation. (its embarrassing to me when im the one not on my iphone & he is the whole time were at dinner) He will find the negative in a convo & focus on that. if he does agree its real monotone never enthusiastic- what he chooses or sharesi support 100%. I Never agrue back with him, stroke his ego, do every chore, get freaky in the bedroom, cook bomb meals, run arrands for him, his friends n family love me. Hes a hard worker & does provide almost too hard of a worker- so the physical things are there- what about whats in the heart. Its making me feel old inside & drained. I need that spark that positive passion for life that together we can take on the world!
—Guest Lil mrs


It is really good for one to have this list that we have here. But, frankly speaking, respect which is reciprocal is for me the greatest element for an enduring marriage. When my wife of over eight years refuse to give me as much a respect as 'Good Morning' after morning prayers leaves much to be desired. My wife gives more attention to her work (Banking) than she does to the home. Maybe, it is because she is now earning more cash than myself who has been out of job for close to three years. This should not be the case as she was always in the know of my financial status when I was doing a job. I don't know my wife' financial status which ordinarily should not be the case. Openness, sincerity, respect and communication are the best attribute for a long lasting union of man and wife.
—Guest lambito

I Want to Be Constantly Praised

I want to hear from my husband how much I did good on a certain thing or compliment me into something or maybe on how I look on a sexy heels and skirt. Quality time is very important and a real conversation with my partner. A genuine and sincere love is always shown by doing little things like saying thank you and please.
—Guest Butterfly_Kisses

Helping Each Other Grow

play down each others weakness and help your partner when they need ur help. If your partner is not good at something help them, be supportive , join hands .. without thinking this is not my job .. see the delight. Marriage grows stronger. Know their shortcomings and help them instead of making fun or sarcastic comments.

Bitter for 28 years

I've been married for 28 years to an unfaithful, ungrateful, selfish husband. At first he was like .. I'm sorry, I love you, please forgive me! I'll never do it again! Here I am, still married to him, still being unfaithful. Once a man cheats, he wants more, and he won't stop because he loves the thrill. Right now, I am at a point where I feel like my blood has turned to ice. I don't feel like I should be the one to keep the marriage together anymore. I had enough. I have a few more years of living to do, and I intend to find contentment and joy in life. This I will do without my husband!
—Guest Bitter

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