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Readers Respond: What's To Like About Being Married

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Make a list about what you like about being married and what you can celebrate about marriage. Readers share their list of things to celebrate about being married.

The Best Part About Being Married ...

is knowing you have what you've been looking for, being complete, and no longer being part of the single/dating world. :)
—Guest Mayra

I Like

I like the fact that after we got married he looked at me in a different way. Every time I looked in his eyes I felt like I was in another world. Somehow saying I do brought us closer together in every way possible.
—Guest diana


To the guest Andrea, who said you can do these things without being married: You wouldn't believe how different it feels to be married than to just live with someone. You haven't shared your life with someone until you've felt that bond. One day with my husband is more fullfilling than years with anyone I was just dating.
—Guest Rachel

10 Things to Celebrate About Being Marri

Structure Security Passion Love Respect Growth Nurture Worthiness Love
—Guest Stephanie

What's To Like About Being Married

Everything! We've been together for 10 years and married for 5 months. My husband is my best friend. He is a shoulder to cry on when I need one. We laugh and have fun together. Being married just made our relationship stronger.
—Guest erixwife

What's to like about being married

The joy, pain, happiness, success, failure you both share as one.
—Guest Deborah


I'm pretty sure you can do all those thingha with your partner without being married. I know I do! ;)
—Guest Andrea

I like...

Being married is like having a friend that you don't have to call and explain things to, never have to catch up with because the things that happen are happening to you together, so you get to mourn and celebrate, laugh and cry and generally ride life's roller coaster together. Communication is good, but I love the times when neither of us has to speak because we know exactly what we are going through and we just hold hands, buckle down and get ready to take on the world... together.
—Guest Lyn

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