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From the article: Prison Marriage
In light of the extremely high divorce rate of prison marriages, where are the successful prison marriage stories? If you are married to a prisoner or were married to a prisoner, consider sharing your story with our readers. Share your thoughts about being in a prison marriage. Share Your Stories

Young Married Now a Single Mother of 3!

I had two children by the time I was 19 with some one I thought he was the one since I was with him since I was 15. so I ended it that and im glad I did because I met my best friend . he was just released from prison when we met and 27 days later were married! quick I know but I wouldn't take anything back at all cause I adore him. we got married July 22 and December 28 he got locked up once again. leaving me and my two children plus I just found out I was pregnant. now I am a mother of three still doing everything I can for him struggling and all and deep in my heart I know he changed but I still have 2 more years until he released so how do I cope when I am tired?

Inmate Love

I am with a man who was sentenced to 170 years! He's a very good man, and I've never in my life felt so loved, he won't marry me because he doesn't want to ruin my life but little does he know, my life would be ruined without him. He makes me smile like a kid in a candy store, and he has the most kind heart. Im still FIGHTING to get him out, and I'm pretty sure I never will.
—Guest rayy Carter

Husband in Prison

the process of a visitation is just un real I really almost lost it today when I was told that I have to submit a copy of my marriage licenses to see him. We have been married 20 years and he has been in county and all I needed was a picture id when I arrived this I feel like I am in jail and that I have no rights as a wife and that he is locked away and I am not allowed to see him. I need to see him. This is the only thing that has kept my mental together. We have a teenager whom is sick over not being able to visit with out all the red tape like we need a copy of your marriage license before you can see him, the Gov. don't ask for this much to enter into this country. What am I to do it will take a month before I can get a copy in the mail the original go torn up when we had a fight about 20 years ago. How to handle this ?
—Guest mrs. johnson

Got Married to a Man in Prison

I met my husband in prison in 2005 in the visiting room while visiting my brother in sing sing. I never ever thought I would in love with this man the way I did we got married in 2009 being married while he was in prison was very hard but I told my husband I would be there to death do us part. in august 2012 my husband was parole afther serving 22 year sentence. hes home. we are doing great together. hes the best thing that ever happened in my life. we go on vacations and do lots of things with our grandchildren. hes working and doing great. he shows me how much he loves me everyday. so to make a beautiful story short prison marriages do work out. my husband and I are planning a big wedding for 2015. I don't have any complaints about my husband and I have no regrets. im so happy I married him.
—Guest maria costa

Being Strong

my husband was locked up October 5,2013 and then sent to prison for 5 to 7 years. we have 6 kids all together - 3 that is his. our youngest is 10 months and calls for daddy all the time. yes it is very hard to deal with a lot but I can say I have been by my husbands side no matter what. yes he has made some bad choices in life but no one is perfect. in no way so I can say if your ever in the need of help and you have no where to turn, turn to god and ask him for help and he will be there to get you through anything ... god bless.
—Guest cityfied countrygirl

I Do

My bf got incarcerated just last yr and he doesn't know how long is he gonna be there so he askd to marry me. I admit I don't wana lose him. he's all I've ever known and I'm not ever leaving him. I am willing to wait. He is a good person inside and out. He just got consumed by anger pride and depression. I love him to death and so does he. Is it a good thing to get married though? Editor's Note: I recommend that you take things slowly. At least wait until you have an idea of how long he will be in prison.
—Guest Hopelessly inlove

Soul Mates

I've dated my dude off and on 10+ years. This is the longest he has to be down we got back together after he had been down 3 years. I love him with all my heart and will wait for him. I would not recommend this for everyone but I know my dude.I know he loves me we have an amazing love. Even if he comes home and we for some reason are not together I will know I didn't let me love down.
—Guest Mrs.T

Ex BF Turned Soul Mate

My ex bf was arrested and incarcerated in 2010. I went to all his court hearings only as a friend and support system, he was dating someone at the time. Once he was sentenced we corresponded rarely. In 2012 I wrote him a letter just to check up on him and it sparked a connection.. He's always been a good friend to me and I could never make him out to be a bad person. Anyway it's 2014 and we correspond regularly with letters, phone conversations, we have cute nd secretive ways of letting our presence be known to each other. It's romantic and fun some times, other times it just makes me miss him more. Im close with his family, they've always considered me family, I was the only gf they liked out of all his other past relationships. He's got 5 more years until he's home and im willing to wait. Im not proud to say im in a prison relationship, but im proud to say the man I Love is a good man, a King in my eyes, and he loves me not only whole heartedly but also with his soul.
—Guest Keeper of Malik

Newlyweds, baby to arrive

My husband and I have been married for a year and he's been gone for almost 5months. This is the hardest thing I have been thru in a long time. He is my soul mate and I love him with all my heart. He has taken on both my kids as if they are his..actually if someone tried to say different he would correct them because they are his. And in 8 short weeks we will be welcoming a new baby to our family. The hardest part is that my husband will miss our baby being born. but hopefully he'll get paroled soon after. I miss him with all my heart and soul! And can't wait for him to finally be home with us.
—Guest willies~wifey

Marriage to an Inmate

I, too, believe that you should marry whomever makes you happy. Being married to an inmate is difficult to say the very least. You have to master being transparent and yet be guarded somewhat. Inmates are conditioned daily to live a certain way. Things happen on the inside that many are not aware of and may not ever be aware of. Still, if he is an honest and open individual; if you can meet his family; and if you can realistically weigh your options, then proceed. It doesn't what anyone else thinks because it is your life. You can meet a dude on the streets and it be a similar situation: deceit and nonfulfillment. In the end, always take care of you. I love my husband; and I know that he loves me. He makes every effort to show me in his consistent communication, gifts, and attentiveness. If he should change once he gets home, I'll fight for our marriage, but I will always take care of me.

Change Your Way of Thinking

I have a son incarcerated. And I love his soul. But I wouldn't recommend having a relationship with him . He needs to work on his self before having a relationship. I will tell everyone this " the pain I feel ever day is unbelievable , knowing my son I raised is locked up because of his bad decisions hurts and will hurt till the end .. what he don't understand is I feel as though I am right there with him. This is the worst pain and a life long pain that I can't stop. Strange thing is he is really a good person. Has never physically hurt any one. Most people think the system is not corrupt but let me tell you it's despicable. Far from perfect. ..... More than likely I want be living when he's released. Thank you. Editor's Note: So true, Margie, about folks in prison needing to work on themselves before having a relationship. My heart goes out to you.
—Guest Margie

Should I Stay

I met my fiancee on line 3 years ago every year we r suppose to get married its something the 1st year he said he sent my marriage packet and never did got moved 9 hours away was suppose to. Get married again still didnt happen didnt. See each other 4 2 years now he says its gonna happen but now hes saying he could get 4-5years for a fight and hes gonna fight it but if he loses the fight in court since he has to strike he could maybe get life what do I do marry him or run. Editor's Note: If I were in your shoes, I'd run ...
—Guest lady


YET TRUSTING I too fell in love with an inmate. He was looking for a friend & a wife, & I was looking for a friend and a husband. ... I meant it to be just conversation & winessing about God in the beginning, but the very next day he told me he was in prison. I told him I couldn't continue on being I had been through a bad relationship years before & had an 11 yr old son. ...well, I know it was soon, but I felt a connection & prayed for God to let him call me back by midnight if I should at least be a friend to him. ...well, long story short.. he called back right at midnight.. Oct. 2013' a year later I moved with his mom out of state so we could marry, but then a few weeks later I moved back home with family to get on my feet and get things together for when God brings him home. Things are starting to fall into place after about four months being back home, but we're both dealing with depression. The devil wants to tear us apart, but I won't give up...Yet will I trust in GOD.
—Guest Woman of God

Staying Strong

I olny new my Guy for 6 months, he got 3 yrs for dv.I was 8 wks pregnant when he went to Prison, I have stuck by his side, I'm faithful an just raise my son alone no friends. I did everything they told me to do to get visits an they go an deny me twice our son is now 13 months old an we have 11 months left for him to get out.then its up to his PO if an when he can come home to me an his son.it has been very lonely sad depressing an every expensive phone calls an $ on books @3000$. I love him with all my heart.an we are still together an we have grown stronger.
—Guest t t

Need to See My Husband But Can't

I am the victim to dv by my boyfriend , it was two yrs ago since then he's been amazing and has been so apologetic n got help in everyday possible so we got married on Feb 11 this year n he went away on the 14 th for three yrs because of this. There was no restraining order and the state pressed charges not me . now because I was the victim there not letting me see him , does anyone know for sure what I need to do to lift the victim . We have a child together and it will kill us all not to see each other.
—Guest griffin14

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