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Readers Respond: Share Your Thoughts About Being in a Prison Marriage

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From the article: Prison Marriage
In light of the extremely high divorce rate of prison marriages, where are the successful prison marriage stories? If you are married to a prisoner or were married to a prisoner, consider sharing your story with our readers. Share your thoughts about being in a prison marriage. Share Your Stories

My Boyfriend is Doing Life

I met my boyfriend as a pen pal while he was in prison. He has a life sentence that we are currently trying to appeal. I am in love with this man ive never felt this way about anyone. We want to get married & my family thinks im out of my mind for that. Is anyone else dealing with a boyfriend or husband who has a life sentence? I could really use some support since everyone is against my decisions. Editor's Note: I hope you listen to what those who care about you have to say.
—Guest kay

He's Doing 10 Years, So I Guess I Am Too

I met him in 2005 & I couldn't stand him. (We now laugh at the fact that I kicked him out of my apartment.) I cut off all communication until I received a FB message from him May 2012. He told me that he was in his 3rd year of a 10 year sentence. He was completely honest with me about the crime he committed & everything that transpired after that. We began to communicate regularly & as a complete surprise to myself, I began to love this man. I wanted to be a beacon of light in his world. Of course there was no support from my family, they thought that I was crazy & naive. We wed October 2013 & I do not regret my decision. Is it hard? Yes, it is. All of our disagreements/arguments are magnified because of the situation. Have I had to adjust my deeply rooted ideas of how my marriage was supposed to be? Oh yes I have. Guess what though? In my heart, I know that he's worth it. As his wife, I will keep him focused on every positive thing that is to come when it is his turn to come home.
—Guest Mrs. Forever 13

Got Married To a Lifer In the End

One day I was out shopping and my phone rang. It was this guy claiming he knew everything about me , where I worked , who I spoke to. He knew all about me. I told him to do one as I was with someone else. He said he had people keeping an eye on me for along time as I would be his future wife one . I laughed at him especially when he said he was in prison and he was a lifer, I didn't believe him. I avoided his phone calls but to my astonishment. He had my other number, I freaked out didn't answer my other number, he sent his brother down every night to the club I worked at. I never knew that the guy who use to be a regular customer who I use to say hello to was his brother , to convince me that he was in prison , his brother showed me his prison photo. I was really taken back . So I decided to speak with him and tell him am flattered but am not interested. He claimed he was in love with me . I told him I was in love with someone else , who had gone to prison recently . tbcl

Incarcerated Husband of 5 Years

My husband & I have been married for 5 years now and today I am finally at peace with my decision to married him. We have faced numerous issues stemming from insecurities, misunderstandings, worries & fears. I have had the fleeting thought of giving up this marriage, but I didn't. I relied on the belief that even though he is not perfect; God sent him to me - because I needed someone to make be stronger in all areas. I can be myself around him and we play & flirt with each other alot. I am no longer worried about others finding out that my husband is incarcerated. I, we define our own happiness. The support group that I attend helps to reduce & even eliminate the sense of isolation that I previously felt. I talk to him everyday, sometimes several times per day; even for a few minutes. I allow myself to cry with him, when I am sad. I freely share my feelings with him & express my appreciation for him frequently. His incarceration has not lessen my undying love 4 him. Thnx u God!
—Guest Debbie

Met While Incarcerated

Are you MWI? Please join us on our new support forum at http://metwhileincarcerated.com
—Guest metwhileincarcerated

Hard Time

I have been together with my partner that is in prison for 2 going on 3 years now, and it seems like this year has been the very hardest year of all. My man seems to be over the top jealous , he gets very mad whenever i miss a call and every time we speak our conversations are boring and silent.. i am mainly the one speaking. I am getting very tired of having to deal with the stress that if i don't answer a call or place him on hold for a couple seconds, i get accused of doing something i have not done and alot more other things as well. Sometimes i feels like maybe i should just let go, what should i do ladies?
—Guest Guest- Bloomy


So there's this man that ive been in love with at first sight just new he was going to be mine and i went threw break ups n make ups with his for the last 3yrs and 2 yrs ago he got arrested and has been in prison the last 2 yrs and here it comes me visiting him 11 hrs away and he proposes i was in total shock and i said yes his mother was there n i just new this was what ive been waiting for but am i makeing the right decision he gets to a half way house around the end of 2015 and gets the end of 2016 i luv him so much and want to be able to go threw all this with him and i just need some guidance on am i doing the right thing some one please give me ur advice ive been reading all ur stories and need some input on what u guys think...

One Day at A Time

My husband and I were together 16 years before his incarceration. I can't predict the future. His 2-7 yr sentence is sure but my life on the outside isn't. I take it one day at a time, living my life. The only promise I made was that I would not divorce him while he was inside. We are both going through changes that will affect who we are. The relationship would have ended sooner than later had this not happened. I'm currently facing the decision as to whether or not I want to be part of his "home plan". The personal rights that I'm expected to give up in my own home so that he can stay here doesn't sit well with me. I'm not willing to accept any responsibility for his bad choices. He didn't think of me when instead of coming home to his wife after work he went to the bar, drove drunk and seriously injured someone. Saving his life could very well be the demise of this relationship.
—Guest SYK

Prison Wife

Im Amy and my Husband's name is Tommy!We just got married on March 27th! Hes my best friend and missing puzzle piece n this crazy life!I just wanted to say no relationship is perfect whether u r inside those walls or out here on the streets.A real relationship takes work and requires 2 ppl who truly love 1 another and refuse to give up no matter what life throws at them! My husband has been down for 14 yrs and has 6 yrs left to serve!He'll be home n 2020!This is his 1st marriage and my 2nd! Im not new to the prison system because my ex husband has a long history of going n and out of prison.Anyways, Tommy and I have a cosmic connection.And hes not like any guy that I've ever been with before.He makes me feel loved, wanted, desired and beautiful!I cant imagine my life without him!Yes its not an ideal situation but giving up isnt an option! It takes a strong woman to be a prison wife!
—Guest Amy Garrett

Soul Mates

I met my husband through a cousin of mine. It was wierd I knew his mother and brother literally my whole life.. he was just never around. Finally I met him june of 2011 and from then on we have been inseperable. Everything was perfect. until 10 days after my 21st birthday he hits me with the news that a detective decided to re open his case. on december 12th he turned himself in. he was in jail for about 3 months and we paid 10,000 for his bail. We knew he had to go back to court to see his sentence but we wanted to enjoy our time together. Finally on May 12th of 2012 he proposed and got married. May 14th was courtday and they wanted to give him 40 years-life.. but managed to get a sentence of 4-11 years in prison. We are 3 years in serving this sentence together. I am so proud of him completing all these programs and getting his g.e.d and diploma. He has cut his sentence in half already just by good behavior and the programs.. hopefully he will be out in 2 years. I can't wait!! :)
—Guest David's girl

Young Married Now a Single Mother of 3!

I had two children by the time I was 19 with some one I thought he was the one since I was with him since I was 15. so I ended it that and im glad I did because I met my best friend . he was just released from prison when we met and 27 days later were married! quick I know but I wouldn't take anything back at all cause I adore him. we got married July 22 and December 28 he got locked up once again. leaving me and my two children plus I just found out I was pregnant. now I am a mother of three still doing everything I can for him struggling and all and deep in my heart I know he changed but I still have 2 more years until he released so how do I cope when I am tired?

Inmate Love

I am with a man who was sentenced to 170 years! He's a very good man, and I've never in my life felt so loved, he won't marry me because he doesn't want to ruin my life but little does he know, my life would be ruined without him. He makes me smile like a kid in a candy store, and he has the most kind heart. Im still FIGHTING to get him out, and I'm pretty sure I never will.
—Guest rayy Carter

Husband in Prison

the process of a visitation is just un real I really almost lost it today when I was told that I have to submit a copy of my marriage licenses to see him. We have been married 20 years and he has been in county and all I needed was a picture id when I arrived this I feel like I am in jail and that I have no rights as a wife and that he is locked away and I am not allowed to see him. I need to see him. This is the only thing that has kept my mental together. We have a teenager whom is sick over not being able to visit with out all the red tape like we need a copy of your marriage license before you can see him, the Gov. don't ask for this much to enter into this country. What am I to do it will take a month before I can get a copy in the mail the original go torn up when we had a fight about 20 years ago. How to handle this ?
—Guest mrs. johnson

Got Married to a Man in Prison

I met my husband in prison in 2005 in the visiting room while visiting my brother in sing sing. I never ever thought I would in love with this man the way I did we got married in 2009 being married while he was in prison was very hard but I told my husband I would be there to death do us part. in august 2012 my husband was parole afther serving 22 year sentence. hes home. we are doing great together. hes the best thing that ever happened in my life. we go on vacations and do lots of things with our grandchildren. hes working and doing great. he shows me how much he loves me everyday. so to make a beautiful story short prison marriages do work out. my husband and I are planning a big wedding for 2015. I don't have any complaints about my husband and I have no regrets. im so happy I married him.
—Guest maria costa

Being Strong

my husband was locked up October 5,2013 and then sent to prison for 5 to 7 years. we have 6 kids all together - 3 that is his. our youngest is 10 months and calls for daddy all the time. yes it is very hard to deal with a lot but I can say I have been by my husbands side no matter what. yes he has made some bad choices in life but no one is perfect. in no way so I can say if your ever in the need of help and you have no where to turn, turn to god and ask him for help and he will be there to get you through anything ... god bless.
—Guest cityfied countrygirl

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