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Readers Respond: Forks in the Road Stories

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Every married couple will come face to face with some forks in the road. What forks in the road have you faced together? Readers share their stories.


I am at a fork in the road right. I have given up on caring what my husband thinks or feels. I have been asking for years for him to do some very minor things for me to keep this marriage going. Those minor things have snowballed into a gigantic mess. I am considering all my options rigt now to stay or leave. Its amazing how one thing left unresolved can lead into another and another until your at a point of doubt on whether you can come back from this mess. We have tried counseling numerous times. Sometimes he came sometimes he didn't but I was always there. I think the fork is there and I know which way to go but figuring things out financialy and physically is rough. No one wants to go down this road or think about going down this road.
—Guest rachel

Just Before

A few days before my husband and I were supposed to get married, I found out he had been sending sexual text messages to his ex-wife. She instigated them and was the one who showed them to me, but he was still at fault. After a long time and one canceled ceremony later, we worked things out. It was hard and trusting him is something he knows will not ever be a "given" again. He has done a great job of keeping things up front with me since then. If he hadn't been willing to take it seriously and do what he needed to make it work, I would have shown him the door. I know that he is far from perfect, but I wouldn't trade him. Sometimes I think that moment was needed to teach us both something about the other. For me, it taught me that I cannot blindly accept everything will be okay, I need to keep my eyes open. For him, it taught him that when I said something, I really meant it. There are some things that are true deal breakers. He almost crossed that line.
—Guest Sandy

What is Infidelity?

My husband went on a 12-day motorcyle trip last summer. He told me minimal about what he would be doing and how long he would be gone. I knew he would have a very good time, but I wasn't expecting the women he would be partying with, great concerts, and a female "friend", the wife of one of the guys he went with, who flashed her breasts for shots everynight in front of my husband and others. I feel betrayed, cheated, & lied to. I also feel that my husband was unfaithful to me, even though I don't think he had sex with any woman. We have been going to counseling for several months, and I am going through all the feelings a wife goes through if her husband has had an affair. The motorcylce trip to Sturgis and Buffalo Chip was a first and totally out of character for my husband. He was offered the chance to go and quickly made a decision without the two of us discussing it much. We have been married for 31 years. Am I right to feel I was betrayed and that my husband had an "affair"?

Many Forks

Through our 22 years together, we have had to face many forks in the road. I think the toughest was going through bankruptcy. The blaming one another for our financial problems nearly tore us apart.
—Guest Beth

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