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How to Kiss Like in

Readers Respond: Readers success solving the lack of time together issue in their marriage.

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Many couples find themselves torn in many directions trying to give enough attention to their spouse, their kids, their career, their friends, their extended families, their household responsibilities, and themselves. Readers share the solutions they have used to solve the too little time issue.

Marriage Lacking Time

Yes time together -- as long as it is alone together -- is quality time and that's really the secret even for 20 minutes a day as you both have busy jobs and a cuddle goes a long way. sadtimesnomore gives tips
—Guest sherr

Walking the Dog.

My husband and I take long walks together while we are walking our dog. They are romantic. We hold hands and give each other kisses. We separated for 3 weeks but I feel the time apart has made us love each other so much more. He is more considerate of my feelings and he appreciates me and the things I do more. I love him very much.
—Guest Mary

Little things

We try to keep the passion & love flowing by little things such as kissing each other when we meet every evening, holding hands during a car drive, litlle extra touches when we pass each other by in the kitchen... it creates a pleasure atmosphere, and brings more patience for each other... and who would want to start a fight after kisses hugs?
—Guest Katie

10 Minutes a Day

My husband and I actually have a commitment to spend ten minutes a day, every day, bringing our bodies, hearts and souls together. It is so incredibly rewarding, we teach about it at Intimacy Retreats that we lead, and in our new book, Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: How to Deepen Your Passion in Just Ten Minutes a Day. I know I'm tooting my own horn here, which is not always welcome in comments, but the reason I teach and write is to share this information with everyone, so this seemed a perfect chance to do so. Ten minutes is less time than most people spend trying to end a phone conversation with someone they don't even want to be talking with! Surely even the busiest among us can find moments in each day to lovingly connect with our spouse. Richard and I actually schedule the time, so we don't blow it off like so many other "to-do's" that get on our list. In this case, our commitment leads to a joyous experience of love, which is why we chose to marry in the first place!

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