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Readers Respond: Tips on Slowing Down and Recharging

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As individuals, we all need to make time to slow down and recharge. As couples we need to do the same. How do you slow down, re-create, recharge, or unplug as a couple? Readers share their answers.

Magnifying your Marriage

There are many websites offering help for Marriages. This forum is invaluable and will give you more detailed help and ideas to get your M back on track marriageadvocates.com Just reading about improving your Marriage can be the start of a change of thinking that ensures action will follow.
—Guest Staytogether

How I slow down and re-charge

A quick recharge I regularly enjoy is on WebMD's website - a Mahjong game for Stress. It has various other quick games like word jumble, etc. and little tips for health come up while you play. All the games have timers so you only work at it for a few minutes per game. It's quick and fun and breaks the monotony of working at a computer all day.
—Guest Angelonhiheels

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