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Natural and Logical Consequences in Marriage

Water Ring Ripples in Puddle

Have you ever thrown a pebble in a puddle? If you have, you probably noticed that the rings will flow out from the point of impact ... and then they return back to where the pebble landed. Your actions and decisions in your marriage are like that. 

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Can We Talk? -- Tips For When You Have to Talk

When you know that there is a difficult or touchy issue you should talk about with your spouse, here are tips to make that conversation successful.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The anticipation is over. Angelina and Brad were married on August 23, 2014 in the south of France in a secret, private ceremony.

How To Survive When Your Spouse Has the Flu

If your spouse has been hit with the flu and just turned into a whimpering, demanding, annoying stranger, don't end your marriage. Here's what to do.

Much Missed

Robert "Bob" Stritof died on October 27, 2013 at his home. Sheri and her family are most appreciative of the kind words expressed by so many.

How to Write a Love Letter to Your Spouse

Even if writing love letters wasn't part of your courting days, now that you are married, write a love letter now and then to your spouse. Here's how.

Natural and Logical Consequences in Marriage

Ever throw a pebble in a puddle and watch the rings flow out and back? Your actions and decisions are like that. They all have consequences.

10 Ways to Lose Your Spouse

Here are ten things you can do in your marriage that will result in pushing your spouse away. Avoid sabotaging your marriage by avoiding them.

Dating Poll

Answer the poll question, how often do you date your spouse?

Forgiveness and Letting Go in Your Marriage

A critical tool for a successful marriage relationship is being able to forgive. Here are helpful tips for learning how to forgive your spouse.

Before You End Your Marriage Over Porn

Although for some, porn isn't a big deal, for others, it is hurtful. If pornography is damaging your marriage, you will have to make tough decisions.

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