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Save Your Marriage

Marriage Needs Help

Negative patterns in the way you relate to one another can hurt your marriage. You can't compromise or negotiate these behaviors away. You can't rationalize the behaviors as this is "just the way I am." The harmful behaviors must stop.

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What to Do When Your Marriage Hurts

A marriage that hurts is a marriage that is headed for divorce. Here are ways couples can hurt each other and how to save your marriage.

When Your Family Grows

When your family grows, major changes and adjustments invade your lives. Don't let parenting issues turn your marriage into a battleground.

Top 10 Questions to Determine if You are At Risk for a Divorce

Here are questions to ask yourself if your marriage is in trouble to see where you stand or to see if you are at high risk for divorce.

Can You Die of a Broken Heart?

Yes, people do die from broken hearts. Here are comforting words to help you through a most difficult time in your life -- the loss of your spouse.

Florence and Warren G. Harding Marriage Profile

The Presidential marriage of Florence and Warren Harding lacked affection and was more of a business arrangement than a marriage.

You Cheated, You Were Caught, Now What?

You cheated, you know you made a mistake, now what do you do? First on the list is to stop cheating. Then, stop lying and accept responsibility.

What To Do When Your Husband Won't Stop Watching Pornography

When your marriage has been hurt by pornography and your husband won't stop watching porn, you have some realities to face.

Books to Help You Get Married

If you want to get married or are thinking about getting married, take a look at these books and what they have to say about commitment and marriage.

Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Marriage

One of the keys to the marital success of Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone is that they make each other laugh. Another key is that they can work together.

Top Ten Marriage Qualities Survey Results

Here are the results from the survey showing what readers consider to be the top ten essential personal qualities for a long lasting marriage. You may be surprised!

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