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Have Lunch With Your Spouse

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Looking for a way to have a date each week with your spouse? Consider meeting for lunch. Lunch dates aren't as expensive as dinner dates, and if your kids are in school, you won't have to pay for a baby sitter.

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Before You End Your Marriage Over Porn

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Lunch Dates

Looking for a way to have a date each week with your spouse? Consider meeting for lunch. Lunch dates are growing in popularity with married folks.

Raising Grandkids

If you are raising your grandkids, you are not alone. Here is how to cope and what you need to keep your marriage and lives on solid ground.

Thomas Beatie and Nancy Roberts

The pregnancy, marriage, and divorce of Thomas Beatie is controversial since he is in a transgender relationship.

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Feeling Words

Sometimes naming or describing a feeling is difficult. Here is a listing of words to help you find the right word to say so you and your spouse can connect better with each other.

Enjoy a Full Moon Together

Hold hands, take a walk, or howl at the moon by making time to see a full moon together. It is good for your marriage and can also relieve stress.

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