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Kathryn Diebel and Frankie Avalon Marriage Profile


Photo: Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images

Frankie Avalon and Kathryn Diebel in New York City on November 6, 2005.

Photo: Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images
Fearful that marriage would ruin his singing career, his friends and agent warned Frankie Avalon not to marry Kathryn Diebel. He did marry Kay, his career wasn't harmed, and Frankie and Kay have a successful long term marriage.


Frankie Avalon aka Francis Thomas Avallone: September 18, 1939 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kathryn "Kay" J. Richards Diebel: Abt. 1938.

How Frankie and Kay Met:

Kay and Frankie met at a mutual friend's home while Frankie was playing cards. He told his friends that day that she was the girl he was going to marry. Kay and Frankie announced their engagement in Las Vegas in December 1962.

Wedding Date and Info:

Frankie and Kay were married on January 19, 1963 at St. Charles Catholic Church in North Hollywood, California. The matron of honor was Kay's sister Gretchen Wayne. The best man was Robert Marcucci, Frankie's manager. They had about 25 guests at their wedding.

Kay and Frankie spent their honeymoon in Acapulco, Mexico.


Frankie and Kay raised eight children together.
  • Frankie Avalon Jr:
  • Tony Avalon:
  • Dina Avalon:
  • Laura Avalon:
  • Joseph Avalon:
  • Nicholas Avalon:
  • Kathryn Avalon:
  • Carla Avalon:


Frankie: Singer, trumpet player, actor, rock and roll legend. businesman.

Kay: Former model and beauty pageant winner.


Through the years, Kathryn and Frankie have lived in the San Fernando Valley, California; Malibu, California; and in the San Bernardino Mountains in California.

Quotes About the Marriage of Frankie and Kathryn Avalon:

"The most romantic thing to do is to sit -- just the two of you -- under a nice umbrella, listening to some of your favorite music, to converse with one another, to walk along the beach, to play along the beach and to once in awhile give each other a smooch."
Source: Los Angeles Times. 6/4/1998.

Frankie on the secret of a long lasting marriage: "You respect and love one another. There are so many elements to a good marriage. you have the great times, which are the majority and the lousy times that you go through and you hang in there and remember the good times, because you'll have them again."
Source: Len Butcher. "Frankie Avalon Interview."

Frankie about marrying Kathryn: "They [his 'handlers'] were convinced it was the end of my career. Once the girls heard Frankie Avalon was officially off the market, they surmised, they'd lose interest and my career was as good as dead."
Source: Joshua Valocchi. "Frankie, My Dear." Philadelphia Weekly. 8/22/2007. pg. 37.

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