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How To Make Mutual Decisions


As a married couple, you will make many decisions throughout your marriage. Make sure that these decisions are mutual decisions.

Here's how to make mutual decisions.


Difficulty: Average

Time Required: varies

Here's How:

  1. If spirituality is part of your relationship, pray together for guidance as you make your decision.
  2. Gather facts and information. You can do this both individually and as a couple. Share what you find with each other.
  3. Seek input from friends, family and experts.
  4. Don't focus on only one option. Look at several options that may be available to you.
  5. Talk with one another about the pros and cons of the decision you are about to make.
  6. Make sure the decision is a decision that you can both live with.
  7. Examine your values and ideals and compare your lists with each other.
  8. Both of you should take responsibility for the decision. Don't play the blame game later if the consequences of the decision are negative.
  9. Make a commitment to revisit the decision you made at a later time and to reevaluate it.
  10. Remember the importance of setting goals. Goal setting together is one of the keys to a successful marriage.


  1. If it doesn't work out as you planned, don't blame one another or say 'I told you so!'
  2. Set a date for the reevaluation.
  3. It's okay to admit that a decision needs to be reversed.

What You Need:

  • Agreement that a decision needs to be made.
  • Information.
  • Time to talk with one another about the decision.
  • Willingness to reevaluate the decision.
  • Acceptance of the consequences of your decision.

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