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Happy Couples Fight

Don't Avoid Conflict


Every married couple will have disagreements. One of the keys to a successful relationship is knowing how to handle conflict. Avoiding conflict, walking on egg shells so to speak, being afraid of rocking the boat, or keeping peace at any price will hurt your marriage.

How to Handle Conflict in Your Marriage

Here are some ways to handle marital disputes and resolve differences:
  • Make sure you clarify what it is you are discussing.

  • If either of you are too angry to discuss the situation or problem, then set a time to get together later to discuss it.

  • Be flexible and open to other solutions than your own. A willingness to compromise is important.

  • Don't push one another's buttons. Don't be sarcastic or attack one another's self image.

  • Don't interrupt one another. Listen. Be aware of your own body language and what it may be saying.

  • Talk in a calm, respectful voice. Ranting and raving accomplishes nothing.

  • Remember that a fair argument can enhance a marriage. Fight for your marriage, not to win.

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