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Why do Adult Women Agree to Domestic Discipline Punishment?

Why Do Some Submit to Domestic Discipline?


Some believe women want or agree to domestic discipline style of punishment because of guilt over past sexual behavior or because they believe that God through the scriptures has deemed that this is the proper role of a husband.

Perhaps these women have poor self images. Some women find spanking sexually exciting.

Katie Roiphe: "This little trick of the mind, of course, is one of the central aspects of sexual submission: you can experience it without claiming responsibility, without committing to actually wanting it, which has a natural appeal to both our puritan past and our post-ironic present. Source: Katie Roiphe. "Spanking Goes Mainstream." TheDailyBeast.com. 4/16/2012.
"In some wives DD seems to spawn a loss of responsible behaviour. These women will "misbehave" because they feel the act is worth the punishment they will get for doing it. It's as if being spanked, or losing driving privileges for a couple of days, eliminates the wrong. It's free reign to do what ever you want, as long as you can deal with the punishment -- I don't see that as being biblical ... DD can also look good to a woman who wants to be free from having to make decisions, or taking responsibility in life. All responsibility falls on the husband and the wife is relegated to child status. If she does not live up to her responsibility she gets a spanking, and that's the end of it. There is little effort or motivation to grow into a mature woman of God."
Source: "Domestic Discipline at Odds With the Word of God." TheMarriageBed.com.

The Issue of Domestic Violence Within the Domestic Discipline Lifestyle

The number of battered women in the United States annually is between 2 and 4 million. It is estimated that at least 25% to 30% of American women are at risk of domestic violence during their lifetime.

Such abuse is also devastating to their children who often feel helplessness and blame along with increased anxieties, more aggressiveness, and behaviorial problems.

When there is an attack on a person's self esteem or physical body, or when one partner becomes dominant in the relationship, the marriage is at risk for divorce.

Using words like punishment when relating to a spouse sets a couple up to become "feet and a doormat."

The wife turns into a doormat which is only good for wiping feet on. These marriages are doomed to have relationship problems. Some day she will have had enough.

Seek Counseling

If you are in a domestic discipline marriage please seek counseling so that you can make an informed, rational decision about your marriage relationship.

What is Domestic Discipline?

Is Domestic Discipline Scripture Based?

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