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What are Some of the Myths About Masturbation?


Question: What are Some of the Myths About Masturbation?
Answer: There are many myths about masturbation. What you need to know is that masturbation is okay as long as it doesn't interfere with your sexual relationship with your spouse.

Domeena C. Renshaw: "Masturbation, once thought evil and the cause of many diseases, has been proven medically not to cause mental illness, physical weakness, or any type of disease or death; it is a normal aspect of human sexual development."
Source: Eric.ed.gov

The Truth About Masturbation:

  • Masturbation does not cause hairy palms.

  • Masturbation does not make your eyesight go bad and masturbation does not cause you to go blind.

  • Masturbation does not cause acne.

  • Masturbation will not cause your penis to shrink.

  • Masturbation will not make you go insane.

  • Masturbation does not cause cancer.

  • Masturbation will not make you sterile.

  • Masturbation will not turn you into a pervert.

  • Masturbation will not give you a STD.

  • Masturbation is not self-abuse.

  • Masturbation is not a steppingstone to the homosexual lifestyle.

  • Masturbation is not unnatural.

  • Masturbation will not hinder your social and emotional development.

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