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Advice to Newlywed Couples

Voices of Experience on The Wedding


Photo Credit: ©Clausen Phipps Photography

Photo Credit: ©Clausen Phipps Photography


  • If any part of your ceremony or reception is planned for outside, just be sure you have rain contingency plans and then forget about it. As long as you have a plan in place you are covered and while it may not be the look you wanted from the outside, it will be lovely anyway.

    By the way, any major problems that come up will mostly be in the last 1-2 weeks. Until then, I had fairly smooth sailing then all hell broke loose. So just make plans and don't stress too much until the end since that is when the real stress causers will pop up.
    Cindy Pierson Dulay, Horseracing Guide

  • Ok, you have to give up on this perfect wedding stuff. How will you enjoy the wedding if you're so exhausted by finding all the "perfect" stuff that you can't see straight?

    No matter what you do, the day won't be perfect. Just accept it. In reality, tho, it WILL be perfect because you're marrying the man you love. That's what's important.
    Judy Litt, Graphic Design Guide

  • The whole thing is about family, friends, celebration, you and your fiance, enjoying the people around you, being with friends and family.

    You are SO going to regret it for the rest of your life if you stress yourseff out about all the details, and don't actually relax and enjoy the day itself, including the days beforehand.
    Mary Shomon, Thyroid Guide

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