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Traditional First Year Anniversary Gifts - Paper


You can use a lot of creativity in figuring out which traditional paper gift to give your spouse on your first anniversary. In Jewish marriages, the gift of a framed ketubah is appropriate.

Here are a few basic suggestions to get your own creative juices going. Share your ideas for 1st wedding anniversary gifts.

1. Photographs and Picture Frames

Photo: Fototeca Storica Nazionale / Getty Images
Photo: Fototeca Storica Nazionale / Getty Images
Buy a nice frame for a photograph of the two of you.
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2. Books

When purchasing a book, think about your spouse's passions, interests, and hobbies. If you can't write a love poem yourself, get a book of poetry for your lover.
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3. Board Games and Puzzles

This gift would be a promise to spend an evening together working on a jigsaw puzzle or playing a classic board game like Scrabble.
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4. Stationery

This could include pretty or practical writing paper, personalized business cards, colorful postcards, note cards, and envelopes.
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5. Tickets

Purchase a couple tickets and take your spouse to his/her favorite sports event, movie, or theatrical production. Other tickets could include airline, ferry, train, bus, or balloon rides.

6. Paintings

Everyone loves artwork that touches our heart and soul and brings beauty to our life.
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7. Coupons

Write out a coupon for a massage or for a dinner out or for a walk in the rain. Think in terms of gifts of your talents, gifts of your time, and promises you have made.

8. Love Letters

Write a love letter. You can do it! Here's help.

9. Posters and Art Prints

Posters and art prints have become a very popular art form. You should be able to find one that matches your spouse's interests.
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10. Calendars

You could get an electronic one, or a pictorial calendar, or a diary, or a journal style, or an appointment book. Mark all the days that are important to the two of you, and add in a few new ones as a surprise.

We want your ideas!

Share your 1st anniversary gift ideas. As your suggestions arrive, we will post them.

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