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Top 7 Traditional Second Year Anniversary Gifts - Cotton


Cotton is one of the easier categories to find gifts in. Put your imagination to work and please your spouse this year!

1. Clothing

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When purchasing clothing for your spouse, check their closet first for correct sizes and preferred colors.
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2. Placemats

Set a romantic table with crisp cotton placemats.
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3. Tablecloths

Another way to set a romantic, pretty table is with a cotton tablecloth.
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4. Bed Linens

Purchase new bed linens and make your bedroom a romantic haven.
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5. Towels

There is such a sense of luxury in having plush bath towels. If you know the color of your bathroom walls, you probably can't make a mistake buying some good towels and offering to wash your spouse's back.
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6. Pillows

Bedroom pillows, decorative sofa pillows, neck pillows, back pillows, and circular neck pillows for riding in a car or airplane. Lots of pillows to choose from to make your spouse more comfortable.
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7. Rugs and Carpets

This is another one of those items that you need to have discussed with your spouse before purchasing!
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