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Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood


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General Facts About Robert and Natalie
Wagner and Wood 1957 Wedding Closeup

Robert Wagner kisses the forehead of his bride, Natalie Wood, at their wedding ceremony in Scottsdale, Arizona, December 28, 1957.

Photo: Jack Albin / Getty Images
Although their first marriage didn't last very long, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner worked on making sure their second marriage to each other was more successful.


Robert John "R.J." Wagner: February 10, 1930 in Detroit, Michigan.

Natalie Wood aka Natasha Gurdin aka Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko: July 20, 1938 in San Francisco, California.


Natalie: On November 29, 1981, at the age of 43, Natalie Wood drowned near Santa Catalina Island. More Info About Natalie's Death


  • Katherine "Katie" Wagner: Born in 1964. Actress. Her mother is Marion Marshall.
  • Natasha Gregson Wagner: Born in 1970. Actress. Her father is Richard Gregson.
  • Courtney Brooke Wagner: Born in 1974. Her father is Robert Wagner.

1957 Courtship Info:

First Wedding on December 28, 1957 Info:


Natalie and Robert divorced in April 1962.
Mart Crowley: "Their marriage did not end because Warren Beatty came along. There were problems between the two of them that they needed help in working them out ... sometimes love is just not enough."
Source: Suzanne Finstad. Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood. 2002. pg. 278.

Other Marriages:

Robert had two other wives:
  • Marion Marshall: Robert Married Marion in 1963. They divorced in 1971.
  • Jill St. John: Jill and Robert were married in 1990.

Natalie had one other marriage:

  • Richard Gregson: Natalie and Richard were married in 1969. They divorced in 1972.

1972 Courtship Info:

1972 Wedding on July 16, 1972 Info:


Natalie: Actress with three Oscar nominations.

Robert: Actor, author, producer.

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