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Timeline and Marriages of Celeste Holm


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Timeline and Marriages of Celeste Holm
Celeste Holm in 2001

Actress Celeste Holm attends The Museum of Television & Radio's annual gala February 7, 2001 which celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Hallmark Hall of Fame at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

Photo: George De Sota / Newsmakers / Getty Images

Marriages of Celeste Holm:

Celeste Holm's first three marriages ended in divorce. Her fourth marriage to actor Wesley Addylasted dkdkd years until he died in 1996. Her fifth marriage, a May-December union, created a major rift in her relationship with her sons.

First Marriage -- Ralph Nelson
Married: 1938
Children: 1
Divorced: 1939
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Second Marriage -- Francis Davies
Married: 1940
Children: 0
Divorced: 1945
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Third Marriage -- A. Schuyler Dunning
Married: 1946
Children: 1
Divorced: 1952
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Fourth Marriage -- Wesley Addy
Married: 1966
Children: 0
Wesley's Death: 1996
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Fifth Marriage -- Frank Basile
Married: 2004
Children: 0
Celeste's Death: 2012
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Celeste Holm Information:


Celeste Holm: April 29, 1917 in New York, New York.


Celeste: At the age of 95, Celeste Holm died on July 15, 2012 at her home with her husband, friends, and family by her side.


  • Theodor Holm Nelson: Born in 1937. Inventor, computer programmer, internet information technology pioneer, sociologist, writer, philosopher. His father is Ralph Nelson.
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  • Daniel Dunning: Born in 1946. Businessman, real estate manager. His father is A. Schuyler Dunning.
Mark Kennedy: "The court fight over investments and inheritance wiped away much of her savings and left her dependent on Social Security. The actress and her sons no longer spoke, and she was sued for overdue maintenance and legal fees on her Manhattan apartment."
Source: Mark Kennedy. "Celeste Holm Dead: Oscar-Winning Star Of 'Gentleman's Agreement' Dies At 95." HuffingtonPost.com. 7/15/2012.


Celeste: Academy Award winning actress.

Celeste Holm's Quotes About Marriage:

Celeste: "I don't talk about my husbands or my marriages," she says in a strong, staccato brushoff. "It's not relevant."
Source: Marian Christy. "Celeste Holm Keeps Life On An Upbeat." Lebanon Daily News. 3/21/1974. pg. 52.

Celeste: "People always think of the French as romantic, but they're not. They are the realists. We are the romantics. In America we always hope for a happy marriage, and when there's trouble we head for the divorce courts. The French don't expect perfection. I've always found men more romantic than women. Women are the practical ones. Conventional is the word."
Source: Gene Handsaker. "Celeste Heads Overseas For the State Department." The Cedar Rapids Gazette. 5/15/1966. pg. 17B.


Celeste Holm Timeline:

1909: Third husband A. Schuyler Dunning born.

1913: Fourth husband Wesley Addy born.

1916: First husband Ralph Nelson born.

1917: Celeste Holm born.

1937: Son Theodor born.

1938: Married Ralph Nelson.

1939: Divorced Ralph Nelson.

1940: Married Francis Davies.

1945: Divorced Francis Davies.

1946: Married A. Schuyler Dunning.

1946: Son Daniel born.

1952: Divorced A. Schuyler Dunning.

1963: Fifth husband Frank Basile born.

1966: Married Wesley Addy.

1987: First husband Ralph Nelson died.

1987: Third husband A. Schuyler Dunning died.

1996: Wesley Addy died.

1999: Met fifth husband Frank Basile.

2002: Celeste diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

2004: Married Frank Basile.

2007: Celeste became estranged from her two sons.

2012: Celeste died on July 15, 2012.

Celeste Holm's Marriages
  • Celeste Holm and Ralph Nelson
  • Celeste Holm and Francis Davies
  • Celeste Holm and A. Schuyler Dunning
  • Celeste Holm and Wesley Addy
  • Celeste Holm and Frank Basile
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