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Timeline and Marriages of Celeste Holm


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Celeste Holm's Second Husband -- Francis Davies (1940-1945)
Celeste Holm in 1950

A few years after her divorce from Francis Davies, Celeste Holm is shown holding a tanning reflector under actor Richard Carlson's face as the two relax at Carlson's Bel Air home in California.

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Francis Emerson Harding Davies: Born in England.

Wedding Date:

Celeste and Francis were married on January 7, 1940 at Christ Church on the Mount in at Woodstock, New York. The couple had a small tea and reception at "Felicianow," the home of Archbishop William H. Francis.
"The ceremony was performed by Archbishop Francis, assisted by the Rev. Father Victor. The attendants were Miss Jame Amar and Philip Martin Dumbrille, both of New York city."
Source: "Broadway Actress Wed at Woodstock." The Kingston Daily Freeman. 1/8/1940. pg. 7.


A Warrant Officer at the time of their divorce in 1945, Francis did not contest Celeste's claim of cruelty.


Francis: Auditor.

Celeste Holm's Marriages

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