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Timeline and Marriages of Nora Ephron


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Nick Pileggi and Nora Ephron Marriage Profile (1987-2012)
Nora Ephron and Nicholas Pileggi

Writer/director Nora Ephron and writer Nicholas Pileggi arrive at the 101 Greatest Screenplays gala reception at the Writers Guild Theater on April 6, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California.

Photo: David Livingston / Getty Images
Nora Ephron's third marriage was her successful and long lasting walk down the aisle with Nicholas Pileggi. Nora said in an interview that she thought her husband Nicholas was "definitely a nicer person than I am."


Nicholas D. Pileggi: February 22, 1933 in New York City, New York.

Wedding Info:

Nick and Nora were married before a judge in her apartment on March 28, 1987. They surprised about forty dinner guests who didn't know they would witness Nora and Nick's wedding.
Nora: “Well, my wedding dress. Just this appalling dress. And I looked terrible in it. It looked like ‘101 Dalmatians.’ I don’t know what I was thinking or who I thought I was. But the worst thing was that everyone said I couldn’t cook because it was my wedding.”
Source: Ariel Levy. "Nora Knows What To Do." NewYorker.com. 7/6/2009.


Nicholas: Crime journalist, author, screenwriter, and producer.
Nicholas Pileggi Official Author Page

Quotes About the Marriage of Nick Pileggi and Nora Ephron:

Nora: "I married a journalist, and that didn't work. But then I married another, and it did."
Source: Nora Ephron. I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections. 2011. pg. 30.

Ariel Levy: "When Ephron and Pileggi started dating, he “instantly caught pinkeye” from her children, who were three and four at the time. Within a month, he had moved into her apartment, on the West Side, “and that was just that,” she said. They have been together for twenty-six years. “I have never, ever seen them have a fight,” Ephron’s son Jacob Bernstein, who writes for Women’s Wear Daily, said."
Source: Ariel Levy. "Nora Knows What To Do." NewYorker.com. 7/6/2009.

Nora: "My husband [screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi, who wrote Goodfellas], used to bring the silliest things home to me, like a bag of subway tokens because I was always losing them in my purse. It was so romantic."
Source: Marisa Fox. "Ladies Who Lunch: Talking About Food, Life, and Love with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep." LHJ.com. 2009.

Hugh A. Mulligan: "Nick and Nora might seem like a Hollywood remake of the Thin Man series. He is tall and courtly with the charming manners and restrained wardrobe of a consigliere, while she is pert and sassy and in the know ... They do not engage in professional collaboration, Nick and Nora do edit each other and, he attests, 'are thick-skinned enough to swap some very blunt criticism' without fomenting marital strife."
Source: Hugh A. Mulligan. "Chronicler Nicholas Pileggi makes an honest living from organized crime." Daily Herald. 8/24/1998. pg. Section 3/page 3.

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