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Marriage Maintenance

Marriage doesn't have to be hard work, but marriage does need maintenance. In order to have a successful marriage, you need to continue to maintain your communication skills, continue to maintain romance in your marriage, and continue to enrich your marriage.
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7 Things Married Couples Should Do to Make Their Marriage a Success
If you want your marriage to be long lasting, implementing these seven things in your marriage can help.

Want to Be Healthy and Happy? Don't Play the Blame Game
Don't play the blame game in your marriage. Here are 10 suggestions on how to avoid the blame game.

How Can I Handle ...?
Here are how-tos on how to handle challenging situations in your marriage.

Good Luck and Marriage
Setting aside superstitions and marriage traditions, how much of a role do you think good luck plays in having a successful marriage?

Portrayals of Marriage
Portrayals of Marriage

When You are Wrong -- Make Things Right
It doesn't make any difference if you've made an insignificant mistake or a serious mistake, you need to take ownership of the mistake, admit to it, apologize for it, fix it, and not repeat it.

Avoid These Common Harmful Behaviors
If you or your spouse fall into negative patterns in the way you relate to one another, you are not just in a rut, you are hurting one another and your marriage.

Get Your Marriage Out of a Rut
It took time to get your marriage in a rut. It will take time to get your marriage out of a rut. Here is a seven-step approach to help the two of you gett your marriage out of a rut.

Five Things You Can Do to Improve Your Marriage
Although there are many ways to improve your marriage, this list of five things you can do to improve your marriage is centered around major red flag issues that can tear your marriage apart: lack of respect and kindness for one another, lack of time with each other, lack of sexual desire for one another, lack of sharing responsibilities, and lack of having agreed upon financial goals.

Easy and Practical Ways to Make Your Marriage Last
For your marriage to last many years, it is important that you show your love for one another on a regular basis. That means daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, taking a few minutes, even seconds, to put your spouse first on your priority list.

Reasons Your Marriage Could Need a Spring Cleaning
If you can relate to several of these dusty corners in your marriage relationship, then the two of you need to do more than clean your home this spring. You both need to spring clean your marriage.

Top Ten Marital Mistakes
There appears to be a pattern to the marital problems and issues that couples share. Here's our list of the top ten things that you need to try and avoid in your own marriage.

Labor of Love
A labor of love is a task or job done out of love with no expectation of payment. What's the most meaningful labor of love you have received from your spouse? What is the most meaningful labor of love you give your spouse? Do you think your spouse recognizes it as a labor of love?

Scapegoating in marriage definition.

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