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Resources for Troubled Marriages

Does Your Marriage Need Help?


Need Help For Your Marriage?
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All marriages have good times and some bad times. Don't let small issues develop into large ones. Here is help in working through your marriage problems.

Emotional Affairs 101
Here's information about what an emotional affair is, how an emotional affair differs from a platonic friendship, warning signs of an emotional affair, how to protect yourself from an emotional affair, a quiz, poll, and more.

Top Ten Marital Mistakes
There appears to be a pattern to the marital problems and issues that couples share. Here's our list of the top ten things that you need to try and avoid in your own marriage.

Twelve Ways to Improve Your Marriage
Don't throw in the towel on your marriage until you try some of these tips on improving your marriage.

Marriage Questions and Answers
Read some of the marriage relationship questions that have been submitted by About.com readers. Questions include infidelity, chores, communication, parenting, trust, sex, legal issues, and more.

Tough Issues in Marriage
Here's help in coping with equality/submission concerns, finances, family of origin issues, family planning, parenting, in-laws, domestic violence, sexuality problems, infidelity, gender issues, health concerns, pornography, secrecy, housework and chores, stress, cultural differences, and even sleeping together.

Help in Handling Problems in Your Marriage
Read these articles if you are having trust issues, difficulty in forgiving, adultery concerns, wondering about change, and not fighting fair.

Saving Your Marriage
Learning about what makes a successful marriage can help you save your own marriage relationship.

Marriage Therapy and Advice
Check out these resources covering therapists, polls you can take, tests and quizzes, and where you can find support.

Ten Weeks to a Better Relationship
This is a step-by-step course that can help the two of you enhance your marriage relationship. Find out why expectations and myths can harm your marriage. Learn how to fight fairly. Check out ways to celebrate your coupleness. Watch movies together. Take the 90-day dialogue challenge. This is a ten-week course, delivered once each week.

Calling it Quits
If you have questions about whether or not to end your marriage, here's help on dealing with disillusionment, making plans, and letting go.

Know Your Legal Rights
You can find information here on marriage laws concerning common law relationships, annulments, bigamy, divorce, name change, and other agreements and contracts.

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