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Communication Questions and Answers

If you are having issues concerning communication in your marriage, read some of the marriage questions submitted by readers and answered by Sheri and Bob Stritof, your About.com Guides to Marriage.

Hunger Strike Question
M. has decided to go on a hunger strike to get his wife to talk to him.

Waiting Time Question
M. wants to know if it is a good Idea for him to start seeing other women while in the midst of a divorce.

Leaving After 24 Years Question
After living in an unhappy marriage for 24 years, V. has feelings for someone else, but her husband is ill.

Feeling Invisible Question
After being diagnosed with cancer, M. feels invisible to her husband and children.

Couple Not Interacting With Each Other Question
B. is upset because she doesn't think her husband spends enough time discussing his thoughts and views about news events and everyday happenings with her.

Waiting Time After Divorce
Answer to question about how long to wait after a divorce before dating again.

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