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Date Nights for Married Couples

Dating Rules for Married Couples


Photo: Sven Hoppe / iStockphoto
Photo: Sven Hoppe / iStockphoto
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  • Follow these rules so your dates with your spouse are fun and help the two of you to connect with one another.

    • Follow the advice of researchers and do something different and be creative on your dates.
    • Agree that your dates will not be at home unless absolutely necessary.
    • Accept that a date is not getting together with your in-laws or attending a party.
    • Don't invite another couple on your date.
    • Schedule when the two of you will have a date. If your calendar is tight, go for once a month with a goal of increasing your dates to twice a month at least.
    • Unless there is a true emergency, keep your promise to have a date, whether it is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
    • Your date should last at least 2 hours.
    • Choose dates that will be fun for both of you.
    • Consider an afternoon date or getting together for lunch.
    • If you have children, plan in advance for child care while the two of you are on a date.
    • Share your expectations of the date with one another.


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