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Betty Hutton and Pete Candoli Marriage Profile

Betty Hutton's Fourth Marriage


Betty's fourth marriage was to Pete Candoli. After a rocky start, Betty thought her marriage to Pete was going well until she heard on the radio that it wasn't.


Elizabeth "Betty" June Thornburg: February 26, 1921 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Walter Joseph "Pete" Candoli: June 28, 1923 in Mishawaka, Indiana.


Betty: March 11, 2007 in her apartment in Palm Springs, California at the age of 86 from complications from colon cancer. Betty's funeral was on March 14, 2007 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cathedral City, California.

Pete: January 11, 2008 in Studio City, California. The cause of Pete's death was prostate cancer.

Wedding Date:

After being friends for 12 years, Pete and Betty were married on December 24, 1960 at the Lutheran Church of the Reformation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The wedding ceremony was performed by the Rev. Richard L. Sowers. Betty was 39, and Pete was 37 when they married.


Pete and Betty planned a six-month honeymoon in Europe.

Marriage Issues and Divorce:

In April 1961, Betty announced in London that she was getting an annulment. They separated August 10, 1966. Betty and Pete were divorced twice. The first time was in Juarez, Mexico in September 1966.

Deciding she wanted a U.S. divorce, Betty filed for divorce on March 23, 1967 charging Pete with causing her mental and physical suffering.

Betty testified that Pete was jealous of her as a performer, argued with her in front of others, and never took her out to dinner. Their divorce was final in California on June 18, 1967.

Pete's Other Marriages:

Prior to his marriage to Betty, Pete was married to actress Vicky Lane from 1953 to August 1958. Pete and Vicky had one child, Tara Claire Candoli.

After his divorce from Betty, Pete married actress Edie Adams in June 1972 at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, California. Edie and Pete divorced in 1989.


Betty and Pete had one daughter.
  • Carolyn Candoli: Born in 1962.


Betty: Actress, comedian, singer, dancer. In later life she worked as a cook and housekeeper at a catholic rectory in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Pete: Jazz trumpet player, composer, and actor.

Quotes About the Marriage of Betty Hutton and Pete Candoli:

Betty after marrying Pete: "I should have done this a long time ago."
Source: The Ada Evening News. December 26, 1960.

Betty on the secret of the success of her fourth marriage: "My husband and I don't spend the night together. He goes home at night to his own pad. Pete likes to write music at night and he can't stand the baby making noise. And I can't stand the scrambling for the bathroom in the morning. Besides I like the whole bed to myself. Pete and I weren't getting along. We separated for a while. We tried this to make it work and it has. He comes to breakfast. I see him as much as any wife sees her husband except at night."
Source: Press-Telegram. December 19, 1969.

Betty about learning that her marriage to Pete was over: "That's the thing that cracked me. I thought we were happy. But one night when I was getting ready for bed, I turned on Rona Barrett and she said Pete Candoli is engaged to Edie Adams. Then I took a whole bottle of pills and said the hell with it."
Source: Chicago Daily Herald. September 15, 1980.

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