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The Marriages of Glenn Ford


Glenn Ford was luckier in his movies than he was in real life when it came to relationships. Glenn was married and divorced four times which had a devasting impact on Glenn both "emotionally and financially."

Here's information and quotes about his marriages to Eleanor Powell, Kathryn Hays, Cynthia Hayward, and Jeanne Baus.


Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford aka Glenn Ford: May 1, 1916 in Sainte-Christine, Portneuf, Quebec, Canada. Glenn became a naturalized citizen of the U.S. in 1939.


Glenn: August 30, 2006 at the age of 90 at home in Beverly Hills, California.

Glenn Ford's Marriages:

Glenn was married four times, and had numerous romantic relationships including a 40 year relationship with Rita Hayworth.

  • Eleanor Torrey Powell: Eleanor was born on November 21, 1912 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Glenn met Eleanor at a war-bond cavalcade while he was still in the Marines.

    Glenn and Eleanor married on October 23, 1943 in Beverly Hills, California.

    They divorced on November 23, 1959. Eleanor testified in court that Glenn was moody and anti-social.

    Through her life Eleanor was a dancer, actress, and minister in the Unity Church.

    Eleanor died on February 11, 1982 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California from cancer. Her ashes are in a bronze replica of the bible at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

  • Kathryn Hays: Kathyrn Hays was born on July 26, 1933 in Princeton, Illinois. Kathryn is an actress in both movies and on television.

    Glenn and Kathryn were married on March 27, 1966. Some sources site their wedding date as March 28, 1966. They divorced in June 1969.

    She later married Wolf Lieshke in 1984. They divorced in 1986.

    Living in Manhattan, she has a married daughter, Sherri, from another marriage.

  • Cynthia Hayward: Cynthia Hayward was born in 1944. She is an actress and model.

    Glenn and Cynthia married on September 10, 1974 in Beverly Hills, California. It was her second marriage. She married Glenn when she was 30 and he was 61. They divorced in 1977.

  • Jeanne Baus: Glenn and Jeanne Baus were married on March 5, 1993. The marriage did not last long, ending in divorce in 1994.


Glenn had one son with Eleanor Powell.

  • Peter Newton Ford aka Tom Shea: Peter Newton Ford was born on February 5, 1945 in Los Angeles, Califoria. He has had a varied career: Actor, singer, home builder, dialogue director and a Reserve Deputy in the L.A. County Sheriff's Department for 22 years.

    At the age of 21 he had crippling arthritis that left him unable to walk until 1972.

    He met Lynda Gundersen at U.S.C. and they married in December 1970 at Glenn's home. Lynda became an elementary public school teacher.

    They have three children:

    • Aubrey Newton Ford born in 1977.
    • Ryan Weslie Ford born in 1984.
    • Eleanor Powell Ford born in 1988.


In the midst of his acting career, Glenn served in the Coast Guard, and later in the Marines during WWII, and was a Captain in the U.S. Naval Reserve.

Glenn made visits to American troops in Korea and served in the Vietnam War with a Special Forces Team.


Glenn and Eleanor lived at 1036 Cove Way in Beverly Hills, California in a 22 room English country-style home.

In his later years, Glenn lived in Beverly Hills with his son Peter.


Glenn Ford on marriage, 1971: "Anybody's a damn fool to say he's never going to get married again but right now I don't have that in mind."
Source: Bucks County Courier Times, 8-24-1971.

Eleanor on quitting her career after their marriage: "Well, the truth is that I desperately wanted my marriage to succeed. I was always over-protected about love and romance as a girl -- knew absolutely nothing about them even though I've spent my life in show business -- but I realized that our marriage wouldn't stand a chance in this town unless I quit my career. Glenn is terribly sensitive, and I knew he couldn't stand being called 'Mr. Eleanor Powell.'"
Source: Sunday Gazette-Mail, 1-22-1961.

Eleanor on their divorce, 1961: "I guess deep down, in the far pockets of my soul, I knew Glenn and I were mismated. But I continued to hope that things would get better. I was never bitter. I never complained. Glenn was my husband and the father of our son ... When Peter was 14, I decided to stop running ad face the truth. Our marriage just wasn't any good. It was no good for Glenn, no good for me, no good for Peter. One day in April 1959, I finally turned to Jimmy Juris, an old family friend. 'Jimmy,' I said, 'make an appointment for me with Jerry Giesler. I want a divorce.' But Jerry Giesler was sick and another lawyer handled the divorce. But no matter who had handled it, I wasn't about to air any dirty linen in public."
Source: Sunday Gazette-Mail, 1-22-1961.

Eleanor's mother: "What she should have married in the first place was an elderly man, a father-image -- not Glenn Ford. To be absolutely frank with you, I never liked him from the first minute I saw him. I had to buy Elley the wedding ring."
Source: Sunday Gazette-Mail, 1-22-1961.

About Glenn's relationship with Rita Hayworth: "Glenn's relationship with stunning Rita Hayworth, his costar in five films, survived four decades in various permutations, and was more serious and complex than has ever been acknowledged publicly."
Source: Glenn Ford: A Life in Film - Glenn Ford's Life

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