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David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach


Citing irreconcilable differences, on January 12, 2006, David Hasselhoff filed for divorce from his wife Pamela after 16 years of marriage.

Here's information on how David and Pamela met, their marriage, children, and more.

News Updates:

6/15/07: A Superior Court judge gave primary custody of his two daughters to David Hasselhoff. Pamela Bach can visit her daughters on alternate weekends and have dinner with them on Wednesday nights.

9/25/06: Even though their divorce was finalized on July 26, 2006, David Hasselhoff and his ex-wife Pamela Bach were still fighting with one another and bringing their children into their fight.
Source: SFGate.com

April 5, 2006: Saying that his wife Pamela continued to have drug problems, David Hasselhoff filed documents with the court asking that Pamela be forced to enroll in a rehabilitation program and to have random drug testing.
Source: SFGate.com

March 13, 2006: Pamela Bach claimed domestic violence by David Hasselhoff in a recent filing in Los Angeles Superior Court.


David Michael Hasselhoff was born on July 17, 1952 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pamela Bach was born on October 16, 1963 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

How David and Pamela Met

They met in 1985 when she guest-starred on the "Knight Rider" series. They didn't date until three years later.

Wedding Date :

David and Pamela were wed in a private ceremony on December 8, 1989 at the Little Brown Church in Studio City, California.


Pamela and David had a European honeymoon.


David and Pamela have two daughters.

  • Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff was born on May 5, 1990 in Los Angeles, California. She appeared in one movie with her mother.

  • Hayley Amber Hasselhoff was born on August 26, 1992 in Los Angeles, California. She appeared in one movie with her mother.


David initially filed for divorce on 1/12/2006. More issues are scheduled to be ironed out in October, David and Pamela's divorce was finalized on 7/26/2006. They have joint custody of their children.


David is an actor, producer, director, singer, broadway star, and writer. He which works with terminally ill and handicapped children.

Pamela is an actress and a producer.


David and Pamela live in Sherman Oaks, in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California.

Previous Marriages:

David was previous married once and engaged once.

  • Catherine Hickland, an actress and writer. Prior to her marriage to David, Catherine married and divorced Richard Knowlton in 1978.
Catherine and David Hasselhoff were married on March 24, 1984 and divorced on March 1, 1989.

David and Catherine's wedding was the basis of a wedding scene in "The Scent of Roses" episode on the "Knight Rider" series. It aired on 01/03/1986.

Catherine married actor Michael E. Knight on June 27, 1992.

  • David was engaged to Roberta Leighton, an actress.

    Health Issues:

    In 2002, Hasselhoff admitted himself to the Betty Ford Clinic for his addiction to alcohol.

  • In 2004, David had to appear in court on a DUI charge.


    David, on being a dad: "Don't mess with me where my kids are there, because I am like their den mother."
    Source: "US Weekly", June 5, 2000, page 70

    Pamela, on marriage: "All I can say is this-behind every strong man is a stronger woman."
    Source: "Los Angeles Times", July 2, 1995, page 10

    David, on 10/23/2000 about meeting Pamela: " I met my wife on the set of "Knight Rider," and it was destiny. Two years later, I met her again. We had both come out of relationships, and we happened to be free and available at a chance meeting at a restaurant in Los Angeles 11 years ago. We are still taking our marriage and our life as lovers and parents very seriously and passionately, I am happy to say."
    Source: Interview in Women.com

    Pamela, when their divorce became final: "I've always loved him and always will, and have love and compassion for him. It's a very, very sad day, but a day to move on."
    Source: USA Today

    Pamela, on working with David: "We're not lovey-dovey in front of everyone."
    Source: "Los Angeles Times", July 2, 1995, page 10

    Pamela, about David: "David has the energy of five race horses. He wakes up ready to attack the day."
    Source: "People Weekly", october 3, 1994, page 65

    David, on adultery: "I'm tempted to stray every day. Come on. I've met people and said to them: 'In a different place, in a different time... I just want you to know that. There are so many people in this world you could hook up with."
    Source: ContactMusic.com

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