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Cheryl and Ron Howard Marriage Profile


Cheryl and Ron Howard

Director Ron Howard and wife Cheryl Howard attend the 'Winter's Tale' world premiere at Ziegfeld Theater on February 11, 2014 in New York City.

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty Images

Breaking all the child actor horror story stereotypes, Ron Howard has a successful long term marriage with his high school sweetheart Cheryl Alley. Here is information about their marriage, children, and more.

Marriage Fast Facts - Ron and Cheryl Howard

Met: In high school

Married: June 7, 1975

First Marriage: Yes 

Did You Know?

 Ron says Cheryl is his good-luck charm.


Ron Howard aka Ronald William Howard: March 1, 1954 in Duncan, Oklahoma.

Cheryl Alley aka Cheryl Howard Crew: December 23, 1953 in Glendale, California.

How Ron and Cheryl Met:

Cheryl and Ron met in high school.

"While a junior at John burroughs High School in Burbank, Calif., he started spending so much time with classmate Cheryl Alley that his parents barred him from taking her out more than twice a week. So Howard told them he'd joined the cross-country team and began jogging over to her house every morning."
Source: "A beautiful time." In Style Weddings. Spring 2005. pg. 308.

Wedding Date:

When they were both 21 years old, Cheryl and Ron were married on June 7, 1975 at Magnolia Park United Methodist Church in Burbank, California. Ushers at their wedding were Don Most, Anson Williams, Tom Bosley.

Cheryl wore a white lace wedding dress and Ron wore a powder-blue tuxedo. They had more than 300 guests at their wedding.


Ron and Cheryl have four children.

  • Bryce Dallas Howard: Born in 1981. Brice is an actress, writer, and director. She is married to actor Seth Gabel and they have one son.

  • Jocelyn Carlyle Howard: Born in 1985.

  • Paige Carlyle Howard: Born in 1985. Paige is an actress.

  • Reed Cross Howard: Born in 1987.


Ron and Cheryl lived many years on their 35-acre estate in Greenwich, Connecticut. Since their children had grown and they travel a great deal, they sold the home in July 2014.



Ron: Director, actor, producer, writer.

Cheryl: Actress, writer.

Quotes About the Marriage of Cheryl and Ron Howard:

Ron: "I felt really lucky when we met. It's crazy -- we were teenagers, it shouldn't have worked. We got married young, that shouldn't have worked either, and yet it really and truly has."
Source: "Ron Howard Opens Up On His Nearly 40-Year Marriage With Cheryl Alley." HuffingtonPost.com. 10/25/2013.

Cheryl: "My husband of 30 years, Ron Howard, was an actor when we met. But I believe it was his passion for story that really drew us together. Although Ronny doesn't quite share my enthusiasm for the Middle East and Central Asia (was a bit nervous when he first learned of my desire to travel there) he has always supported my need to suss out a story."
Source: "Cheryl Howard Crew." CherylHowardCrew.com. 



Ron about the greatest love of his life: "My wife, Cheryl. Hands down, and I’ve had a lot of love in my life."
Source: "Proust Questionnaire." Vanity Fair. 6/2006.

Ron about having Cheryl in his movies: "She's in everything, going back to my Super-8 days. She's a good-luck charm. For me, it became something I was very superstitious about." 
Source: Anthony Breznican. "Howard's 'journey' hits 50 years." USA Today 12/9/2008. pg 01D.

Ron about his greatest achievement: "Forty-eight consecutive years of steady employment in television and film, while preserving a rich family life." 
Source: "Proust Questionnaire." Vanity Fair. 6/2006.

Ron about his child-star status and Cheryl: "She didn't love that, which is probably what I loved about her. But she seemed to like me and forgive me for the business I was in."
Source: Anthony Breznican. "Howard's 'journey' hits 50 years." USA Today 12/9/2008. pg 01D.

Ron about his acting and Cheryl: "Every once in a while, somebody asks me if I would be in something. But at a certain point my wife said, 'We're raising four kids. If you're not pursuing acting as a career, please don't take jobs as a kind of lark. If you have a couple extra weeks, give them to us.' I thought that was a really fair request."
Source: Ron Howard. "10 Questions." Time. 12/15/2008. pg. 2.


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