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Doorn Van Steyn and Roger Moore Marriage Profile


Roger Moore's first marriage to Doorn Van Steyn, when he was 19, had problems from the beginning. Here is information about Roger and Doorn's marriage.


Roger George Moore: October 14, 1927 in Stockwell, London, England.

Gilda Doorn Van Steyn aka Lucy Woodard: Abt. 1922.

How Doorn and Roger Met:

Roger met Doorn when they were both students at the Royal Academy of Drama aka R.A.D.A.

Wedding Date:

Doorn and Roger were married on December 9, 1946 at the Wandsworth Town Hall.

"At age 18, Moore went off to do his National Service ... Following his Officer training, he was posted to Germany where he experienced a bad motor accident that split open his jaw and head. After months spent recovering in a hospital in Hamburg, Moore went back to Britain on home leave and at age 19, married his Royal Academy classmate sweetheart, ice skater Doorn van Steyn on 9 December 1946 at the Wandsworth Town Hall."
Source: "Roger Moore Biography." TheBiographyChannel.co.uk.

Divorce Date:

The Van Steyn-Moore marriage ended in divorce in 1953 when Roger became involved with Dorothy Squires.


Roger has three children by his third wife, Luisa Mattioli.
  • Deborah Maria Luisa Moore: Born in 1963 in London, England. Deborah had minor acting roles in two James Bond movies.
  • Geoffrey Robert Moore: Born in 1966. Geoffrey has worked as an actor and producer and owns a restaurant in London.
  • Christian Moore: Born in 1973. Christian has worked as a producer.


Sir Roger Moore: Actor, producer, writer, model, and director. Roger Moore portrayed James Bond from 1973-1985. Roger also was a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF. He received his knighthood in June 2003.

Doorn Van Steyn: Ice skater, actress, and model.

Quotes About the Marriage of Doorn Van Steyn and Roger Moore:

Roger: "I do not recommend marriage at 19, hut there you go, first love and all that. We did it on my first home leave from Germany. Doorn was working, sometimes in stage shows, sometimes in ice shows. I had to learn to ice skate to be near her during our courting days at R.A.D.A. I don't remember proposing. It just happened as a natural progression. We married at Wandsworth Town Hall and all I can recall of the day was that it was cold."
Source: Roger Moore. "Roger Moore from 1972 - page 3." Roger-Moore.com.

"... the first object of his affection was a fellow RADA student, the actress and ice skater Doorn Van Steyn, whose real name was Lucy Woodard ... She was six years his senior, and already once divorced, but they married on December 9, 1946, when Moore was a 19-year-old 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Army Service Corps. The marriage was a short-lived disaster, largely due to lack of money ... their home was one room in the Streatham house that Doorn shared with her parents, brother, two sisters and brother-in-law."
Source: Michael Thornton. "Why did 'saint' Roger Moore break so many hearts?" DailyMail.co.uk. 10/12/2007.

Roger: "The relationship between Doorn and myself was bound to suffer because of the times we spent apart. It was the old story of show business marriages I suppose. There are enormous pressures in such a business to stray - and of course, the flesh is weak (Thank God). Whatever the rights and wrongs, within a year the marriage had broken down completely. I was barely 23."
Source: Roger Moore. "Roger Moore from 1972 - page 5." Roger-Moore.com.

Roger Moore's Other Marriages:

Second Marriage -- Dorothy Squires

Third Marriage -- Luisa Mattioli

Fourth Marriage -- Kristina Tholstrup

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