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Martin Scorsese and Helen Morris Marriage Profile


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Martin Scorsese and Helen Morris arrive at the 79th Academy Awards.

©, A.M.P.A.S. Used by Permission - All Rights Reserved.
Martin Scorsese's apparent obsessiveness concerning his film work appears to have been a large stress on his four previous marriages. Here is information about Martin's marriage to Helen Morris, his daughters, quotes, and more.


Martin (Marty) Scorsese: November 17, 1942 in Flushing, Queens, New York.

Helen Morris: Born abt. 1947.

How Martin and Helen Met:

Martin met Helen when she began working with him on the companion book to his 1997 movie Kundun.

Wedding Date:

Martin and Hellen were married on July 22, 1999 in New York. It was her second marriage and his fifth marriage.

Previous Marriages:

Martin has four previous marriages:
  • Laraine Marie Brennan: Martin and Laraine met while both were students at New York University. They married on May 15, 1965 while Martin was still an undergraduate. They had one child and later divorced.

  • Julia Cameron: Julia's list of occupations include writer, journalist, playwright, songwriter, poet, director, and producer.
    According to Julia, Martin and Julia met at the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis Hotel. She later interviewed him.

    They were married in front of a Christmas tree in Julia's childhood home on December 30, 1975 in Libertyville, Illinois. It was a snowy day. Her sister Connie was her bridesmaid. They wrote their own ceremony.

    Julia and Martin had a short one-night honeymoon at the Deerpath Inn. Shortly after the birth of their daughter, their marriage ended.

  • Isabella Rossellini: Born on June 18, 1952 in Rome, Italy. Isabella is an actress, writer, and model. Martin and Isabella were married on September 30, 1979. They divorced a few years later abt. November 1982.

    Isabella married Jon Wiedemann in 1983. Jon and Isabella had a daughter Elettra in 1983. Isabella and Jon were divorced in 1986. Isabella adopted a son, Roberto in 1993.

  • Barbara De Fina: Barbara and Martin met when she was the post production supervisor on The King of Comedy (1983). They were married on February 8, 1985. Barbara became his producer after their marriage. In 1991, they divorced.


Martin has three daughters.

  • Catherine (Cathy) T. Scorsese: Born December 7, 1965 in New York City, New York. Her mother is Laraine Brennan. Catherine is a prop master and actress.

  • Domenica Elizabeth Cameron-Scorsese: Born September 6, 1976 in West Hollywood, California. Her mother is Julia Cameron. Domenica is an actress, director, writer, and producer. Domenica Web Site

  • Francesca Scorsese: Born November 16, 1999. Her mother is Helen Morris. Francesca has worked as an actress.


Helen and Martin live in Martin's Manhattan mansion that has a laundry area, breakfast area, chef's kitchen, dining room, double parlor, dressing room, and "five-bedrooms, six-bathrooms, and features an elevator, high ceilings, wood-burning fireplaces, a landscaped garden, two kitchens, a wine cellar, nanny's quarters and an elaborate media room ..." The home was for sale in June 2006.
Source: ScorseseFilms.com
Pictures of Scorsese Townhouse


Martin: Director, writer, editor, actor, producer. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Director in 2/07 for The Departed.

Helen: Book editor.


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Julia Cameron about meeting and marrying Martin: "I was at a lunch table at the King Cole Bar at the St. Regis hotel and he walked in, sat down, and I said 'my God, I've met the man I'm going to marry!' ... I had never thought about getting married. I had always thought I was going to be a writer so I had pictured a sort of solitary path. But when I met Martin, I just fell totally in love. He was enchanting; he still is."
Source: ScorseseFilms.com

Julia Cameron about their divorce: "Because our marriage had ended so abruptly, there had been very little of what the therapists call closure. I was still in love with martin and still thought of him as my husband ... As a sober alcoholic I was taught to pray for acceptance of the things I could not change. Slowly and painfully it began to be clear to me that my divorce was one of those things. Despite my fantasies and my wishes, we were not going to be reconciled as husband and wife."
Source: Floor Sample: a creative memoir, page 111-112.

Isabella Rossellini about her marriage to Martin:"The mentality [then] was you married an interesting man, because an interesting man would provide you with an interesting life. Marty, for sure, is the perfect husband for that. He's an absolute genius. Fantastic mind. Great sense of humor, great sense of adventure. You could live just as Marty's wife and have a fantastic life. But, I was too naive and old-fashioned for Marty as a wife. I wasn't used to the roughness of American lifestyle. I wasn't used to street life, to rock 'n' roll. I was the naive girl from Europe, so it couldn't have lasted."
Source: ScorseseFilms.com

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