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Marsha Garces and Robin Williams Marriage and Divorce

The Williams-Garces Marriage Ended After Nearly 19 Years Together


Robin Williams and Marsha Garces

Actor Robin Williams and wife Marsha Garces Williams arrive at the premiere of Universal Pictures 'Man of the Year' at Grauman's Chinese Theatre October 4, 2006 in Hollywood, California.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The marriage of Robin Williams and Marsha Garces was one of Hollywood's long lasting relationships until Marsha filed for divorce in March 2008.

News Updates:
Marsha Garces: "My heart is split wide open and scattered over the planet with all of you. Please remember the gentle, loving, generous — and yes, brilliant and funny — man that was Robin Williams. My arms are wrapped around our children as we attempt to grapple with celebrating the man we love, while dealing with this immeasurable loss."
Source: Shiena Bernardino. "Marsha Garces, Robin Williams' second wife, releases statement." ChristianToday.com. 8/13/2014.

Marriage Fast Facts - Robin and Marsha 
Met: 1984
Married: April 30, 1989
First Marriage: No.  

Did You Know?
  When they met, Marsha was the nanny for Robin's son Zach.

Robin McLaurin Williams: July 21, 1951 in Chicago, Illinois.

Marsha Garces: Abt. 1957 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Robin Williams:  At the age of 63, on August 11, 2014 at his home in Tiburon, Marin County, California, Robin died of an apparent suicide due to asphyxia. At the time of his death, Robin was married to graphic designer Susan Schneider. Battling severe depression and alcohol issues, Williams went back to rehab in July 2014. Susan Schneider says, "This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings.  I am utterly heartbroken."
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How Robin and Marsha Met:

Marsha and Robin met in 1984 when she was Zach's nanny. She later worked with him as his secretary and personal assistant.

Marsha about their strictly business relationship when she went to work for him: "He was too screwed up and I wasn't interested in being sucked dry."
Source: Andy Dougan, Robin Williams: A Biography, New York, 1998, page 107.

Wedding Date:

Robin and Marsha were married on April 30, 1989 at a private ceremony at Lake Tahoe, California. Among their 30 guests at their small wedding were Billy Crystal, Bob Goldthwait, Barry Levinson, and Mark Johnson.



Robin has three children.

  • Zachary Pym Williams: Born in 1983. His mother is Valerie Velardi.
  • Zelda Rae Williams: Born in 1989. Her mother is Marsha Garces Williams.
  • Cody Alan Williams: Born in 1991. His mother is Marsha Garces Williams.


After nearly 19 years of marriage, Marsha Garces Williams filed a divorce petition in San Francisco on March 21, 2008, citing irreconcilable differences.


Robin: Actor, producer, director, writer.

Marsha: Producer, painter.


Robin and Marsha had an apartment in San Francisco and a ranch in Sonoma.


Quotes About the Marriage of Marsha and Robin Williams :

Robin about Marsha: "My marriage had been in a shambles for some time. Marsha just basically started to talk to me and said: 'Listen jerk, what are you having these ridiculous affairs for? What are you yelling and screaming about? Wake up!' Slowly I began realizing I'm a decent person, and everything wonderful that has happened to my life is because of her. It's hideous that she takes the rap as a home wrecker, which is a lie. It's the exact opposite. She has taken me from zero to the sky."
Source: Bernard Weinraub. "At Home With/Robin Williams; Good for a Laugh, Not a Bad Listener." NYTimes.com. 12/24/1992.

Pam Dawber: "Marsha is Robin's anchor. She's reality. Ground zero. She's very sane and that's what he needs. She's incredibly loving too. She knows who is bad for him and who is good, and she helps keep the good relationships going."
Source: Brad Darrach. "A Comic's Crisis of the Heart." People. 2/22/1988.

Andy Dougan: "With Marsha it seemed he had found everything he never knew he was looking for: strength, stability, intimacy, and the space to get to know himself."
Source: Andy Dougan, Robin Williams: A Biography, New York, 1998, page 155.

Karen Schneider: "Nearly 20 years ago Williams called his wife, Marsha, "the one who makes my heart sing." Friends say she still is, denying tabloid speculation that the 17-year marriage is in trouble or that she issued an ultimatum. "There was no 'last straw' or threat of divorce," says one friend. "His family is standing by him."
Source: Karen S. Schneider. "Coming Clean: Robin Williams checks himself into rehab after a relapse with alcohol ..." People. 8/28/2006.

Other Marriages:

Marsha has two previous marriages.

10/23/2011: Robin Williams married graphic designer Susan Schneider in Napa Valley at the Meadowood Resort.

Robin has one previous marriage.

  • Valerie Velardi: Robin met Valerie, an actress and dancer, in 1976 at the Holy City Zoo, a club in San Francisco where she was a cocktail waitress. Valerie and Robin were married on June 4, 1978 near Tiburon, California and have one child. They separated in 1987 and divorced in 1988.

Andy Dougan: "He called her [Valerie] his 'stabilisation point'..."
Source: Andy Dougan. Robin Williams: A Biography. 1998. pg. 56.

Robin: “Ah yes, divorce, from the Latin word meaning to rip out a man’s genitals through his wallet ... I get on fabulously with my exes -- now we're not together any more."
Source: Judith Woods. "Robin Williams." Telegraph.co.uk. 11/28/2011.

Andy Dougan about Robin and Val: 'Was it love at first sight?' Williams wondered later. 'More like lust. She was this Italian woman, a Napoletana girl. She didn't dress sexy, she just looked ... hot. Caliente. ... After the collapse of his last relationship Valerie Velardi was exactly what Robin Williams needed. Valerie was, by all accounts, a hard-headed and pragmatic young woman. Valerie was used to providing a maternal influence; emotionally Robin Williams was still a mess and she provided a centre and a focus for his life."
Source: Andy Dougan. Robin Williams: A Biography. 1998. pg. 38.

Robin: "Val supported me ... kept me sane and most important she kept me happy ... It was Val who made the sacrifice. She dropped her own career to help me with mine ... she's the best friend I have."
Source: Andy Dougan. Robin Williams: A Biography. 1998. pg. 39.

Time.com: "While tending bar, he met a dancer named Valerie Velardi, whom he married last June. Valerie urged him to try the clubs in Los Angeles; she helped catalogue his material and shape his act."
Source: "Manic of Ork: Robin Williams." Time.com. 3/12/1979.

Valerie about their breakup: "Besides, neither of us was prepared for the sudden life shift."
Source: Brad Darrach. "A Comic's Crisis of the Heart." People. 2/22/1988.


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