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Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards Marriage Profile


Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards on January 16, 2005 in Beverly Hills, California.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images
After a failed attempt to save their eroding marriage, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards' marriage ended in a messy and nasty divorce.

Here's information on how Charlie and Denise met, their wedding, and more.

News Updates:

6/27/2012: Denise Richards will co-star with Charlie Sheen in an episode of the FX sitcom Anger Management.
Denise: "It's actually great working with him," Ms. Richards said in a recent Associated Press interview. "I like working with Charlie. We met working together and we worked together when we were married, and this is the first thing we've worked on since our divorce. But I'm very excited for his show and I think it's very funny, and I was, you know, honored that they wanted me to be a part of it ... “We’ve been in, I would say, a good place for quite some time. … You know it’s up and down, too. I take it day by day."
Source: "Denise Richards has role on Sheen's new sitcom." WashingtonTimes.com.

11/30/2006: Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen's divorce was finalized although the custody battle for their children continued.

4/24/2006: A Los Angeles Judge ordered Charlie Sheen to stay 300 feet away from Denise Richards and their two daughters. Sheen denied Richards' allegations of gambling, drugs, porn, and threats and said they were baseless.


Charlie Sheen aka Carlos Irwin Estevez: September 3, 1965 in New York City, New York.

Denise Lee Richards: February 17, 1971 in Downers Grove, Illinois.

How Charlie and Denise Met:

Charlie and Denise met while working on the film, Good Advice in 2000. They became engaged in January 2002.

Ages at Wedding:

Charlie, 36. Denise, 31.

Wedding Date:

Charlie and Denise were married on June 15, 2002 in an evening Catholic ceremony at the Brentwood, California home of Gary David Goldberg, producer for Spin City. Denise and Charlie said their vows under an arch with one thousand rose blooms.

The wedding was officiated by Father Michael Kennedy. Michelle Richards, Denise's sister, was maid of honor. Tony Todd, one of Charlies' friends, was best man.

Wedding Guests:

Guests at the wedding included Luke Wilson, Richie Sambora, Steven Spielberg, Chris Henchy, Angie Harmon, Heather Locklear, Jason Sehorn, and Brooke Shields. Family members were also at the wedding.

Wedding Attire:

Carrying a bouquet of white and ivory polo roses, Denise wore a Giorgio Armani antique white satin gown with a scooped neckline and a crystal beaded jacket. Charlie wore a Giorgio Armani suit with a two-button tuxedo jacket.

Wedding Reception:

Charlie and Denise danced their first dance to Journey's Open Arms. Their guests enjoyed foods such as beef filet, potatoes, asparagus, minestrone, spinach, risotto tartufo, and a tiered wedding cake. The tiers were chocolate fudge, banana nut, and white satin covered in iced butter cream frosting. The cake was sprinkled with fresh rose petals.


Charlie and Denise have two daughters. Charlie has a daughter from a previous relationship. Denise adopted a daughter in June 2011.
  • Cassandra Jade Estevez: Born in 1985. Her mother is Paula Profitt, Charlie's high school sweetheart.
  • Sam Sheen: Born in 2004 in Los Angeles. Her mother is Denise Richards.
  • Lola Rose Sheen: Born in 2005 in Los Angeles. Her mother is Denise Richards.
  • Eloise Joni Richards: Born in 2011. Adopted by Denise Richards in June 2011.


Denise: Actress and model.

Charlie: Actor, writer, and producer.

Previous and Current Marriages:

This was Denise's first marriage.

Sheen had two other marriages.

Quotes About the Marriage of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen:

Charlie: "She's a good lady," Sheen, 46, said when asked about the relatively peaceful relationship he has with his ex today. "It was a bad relationship -- we decided we would marry, thought we could fix it through marriage -- wow."
Source: "Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards Divorce: 'Anger Management' Star Explains What Went Wrong in Marriage." HuffingtonPost.com. 7/20/2012.

Charlie on David Letterman's The Late Show with David Letterman: "We're working toward getting back together and fixing things. Things are really good. Today we have hope, we have a shot. I made a commitment to this woman that I love, this family that I love and I realized this can be fixed."
Source: Eonline.com. 9/2005.

Charlie on Denise Richards: "I knew her from a film we did last summer Good Advice. And then when she came on Spin City for a guest spot, things were a little different for both of us. We just couldn't ignore it -- what was obviously there. And it's a beautiful thing. She's as genuine and great as she is beautiful."
Source: Eonline.com

Denise and Charlie in an interview about the Big Bounce: "Has Denise been the 'big bounce' of your life?
CHARLIE SHEEN: Absolutely!
DENISE RICHARDS: He’s saying that because I’m here.
CHARLIE SHEEN: Even when you weren’t there I was saying that."
Source: Movies at About.com

Time Line:

  • 2000: Charlie and Denise meet on movie set.
  • January, 2002: Denise and Charlie are engaged.
  • June 15, 2002: Charlie and Denise were married.
  • March 9, 2004: Daughter Sam was born.
  • March, 2005: Denise Richards filed for divorce.
  • June 1, 2005: Daughter Lola was born.
  • August, 2005: Denise and Charlie signed up for counseling together.
  • September 2005: Charlie and Denise reportedly reconciling.
  • November, 2005: Charlie reports that their marriage is doing well.
  • December, 2005: Charlie and Denise said to be on vacation together in Barbados.
  • January, 2006: Divorce proceedings continue.
  • April, 2006: Restraining order against Sheen granted by judge.
  • November 30, 2006: Divorce finalized.

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