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Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti Marriage Profile


Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti in 1958

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti in Copenhagen in 1958.

Photo: Keystone / Getty Images
Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti in 1965

Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti at The Empire, Leicester Square in Westminster, London in 1965.

Photo: Keystone / Getty Images

That the marriage of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti lasted so long was a surprise to many. Here's information about their legal fight to be able to marry one another, their children, and more.


Sophia Loren aka Sofia Villani Scicolone: September 20, 1934 in Rome, Italy.

Carlo Ponti: December 11, 1912 in Magenta, Lombardy, Italy.


Carlo: On January 10, 2007 Carlo died in Geneva, Switzerland at age 94 from pulmonary complications. Sophia was at his side when Carlo died.

When Sophia and Carlo Met:

Carlo and Sophia first met one another in 1950 when Sophia was 16 years old. Carlo, age 37 and married, was a judge in the "Miss Roma" contest she had entered. Sophia placed second in the contest.

Within a short time, Carlo became Sophia's manager. In 1954, Carlo gave Sophia a small diamond ring.

Previous Marriages:

Carlo was previously married.

  • Giuliana Fiastri: Carlo and Giuliana were married in 1946. They had two children together.

Wedding Dates:

Due to legal issues, Carlo and Sophia had two wedding dates.

  • September 17, 1957: Although neither was present, Carlo obtained a Mexican divorce and married Sophia by proxy. Her wedding present from Carlo was a wedding band. They celebrated with a private dinner in their bungalow.
In October 1957, they learned that Carlo had been legally charged with bigamy when news got out that the Catholic church would not recognize their marriage.

When they returned to Rome, in order to keep Carlo out of jail, Sophia and Carlo did not appear together in public and lived under assumed names. They had this marriage annulled in 1962.

  • April 9, 1966: After working out an agreement with Carlo's first wife, Giuliana, the three of them moved to France in 1966. After obtaining French citizenship, Carlo and Giuliana were granted a legally recognized French divorce. Sophia and Carlo were married by the Mayor of Sèvres in a civil ceremony in the city hall of Sèvres, France.


Sophia had two miscarriages before her first son was born. Sophia and Carlo have two sons.

  • Carlo Ponti Jr.: Born in 1968. He is an actor and conductor. On September 18, 2004, he married Andrea Meszaros in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Edoardo Ponti: Born in 1973 in Geneva, Switzerland. He is a writer, actor, and director. He has a daughter, Lucia Sofia Ponti, with actress Sasha Alexander.

Carlo and Giuliana have two children.

  • Alex (Alessandro) Ponti: Born in 1953 in Rome, Italy. He is a producer. Alex married and divorced Priscilla Rattazzi.
  • Guendolina Ponti:


Carlo: Producer, manager, lawyer.

Sophia: Academy award winning actress, author.

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Quotes About the Marriage of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti:

Carlo: “I have done everything for love of Sophia. I have always believed in her.”
Source: JournalGazette. 2002.

Sophia about giving Carlo an ultimatum to marry her or not: "After so many years, having gone through so many good and less good events, happy mother of two grown-up boys, I still vividly remember those short, tense moments when I asked all that of Carlo. All my fears, my dreams, my career were right there, thrown like dice on a blackjack table. But still, I had to wait a few agonizing days before I had his first firm answer and concrete action."
Source: Marry Me. pg. 88.

Carlo about Sophia: "I knew immediately she was someone remarkable. Something played off her that gave her a kind of illumination.”
Source: SophiaLoren.com

Sophia about their first wedding: "I was being threatened with excommunication, with the everlasting fire, and for what reason? I had fallen in love with a man whose own marriage had ended long before ... I wanted to be his wife and have his children. We had done the best the law would allow to make it official, but they were calling us public sinners. We should have been taking a honeymoon, but all I remember is weeping for hours."
Source: Boston.com


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