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Marriages of Valerie Harper


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Valerie Harper's Second Husband - Tony Cacciotti (1987-present)
Valerie Harper and Tony Cacciotti

Valerie Harper and husband Tony Cacciotti attend the 2nd Annual TV Land Awards held at The Hollywood Palladium, March 7, 2004 in Hollywood, California.

Photo: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images
Valerie set out to lose weight and ended up getting married to Tony Cacciotti, her fitness consultant.


Tony Cacciotti: Abt. 1937 in Auburn, New York.

How Tony and Valerie Met:

Valerie wanted to lose weight for a role she had and hired Tony to be her trainer in 1979. They announced their engagement in December 1979.
Valerie: "... for the first time in my life I've fallen in love with a man who saw me at my worst first -- who knew me when I was really bad. Tony's even admitted he wasn't at all attracted to me when we met -- just challenged by all my cellulite ... For two months he just saw me when I was sweaty, tired, running around in baggy work-out clothes as he put me through exercises. And then something happend. We started to fall in love. He made the first move -- which I felt was appropriate."
Source: Marilyn Beck. "Valerie Finds Winning Romance." Sarasota Herald-Tribune. 12/14/1979.

Wedding Date and Info:

Tony and Valerie were married on April 8, 1987 on the beach in Malibu by a judge.
Valerie: "I suppose you could say it was kind of a shotgun marriage even though we were allowed to adopt as two single iindividuals. But Tony and I are traditional people and we wanted to do the appropriate thing. Tony and I had been together eight years and we decided to make it legal and make everyone's name Cacciotti. We are a very happy family. Cristina is the light of my life."
Source: Vernon Scott. "Valerie Harper's Lawsuit Over Firing Has April Court Date." The Durant Daily Democrat. 1/06/1988.


In March 1987, Valerie and Tony adopted their daughter, Cristina Harper Cacciotti, when she was 3 years old.

Tony has four children from his two previous marriages. Source: People Magazine.


Tony: Manager, producer, actor, trainer, gymnast, body-builder, dancer, weight-control expert, physical therapist, fitness consultant, author of The Cacciotti Method. Tony and Valerie own a production company together, TAL Productions which stands for "Together At Last."

Quotes About the Marriage of Tony Cacciotti and Valeri Harper:

Tony on getting married: "People are not as considerate of each other when they marry. We don't want to spoil it."
Source: Sue Ellen Jares. "Rhoda's Revenge." People.com. 6/02/1980.

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