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Halloween Costume Ideas for Married Couples


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Miscellaneous Couple Costumes
Scary Clowns Halloween Costume for Couples

Scary Clowns

Photo courtesy About.com member J. Krytus
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Aliens from outer space ~~ contributed by Jenny K. image

Baby Boy and Baby Girl

Ball and Chain

Bee and Beekeeper

Biker Couple

Boat Oar and a Flotation device (Roe v. Wade) ~~ contributed by Douglas S., an attorney.

Bowling Pin and Ball

Bricklayer (guy) and a Brick (gal) ~~ contributed by Jenny K.

Bride and Groom

Bull and Bullfighter

Cat and Fish

Caveman and Woman

Cheerleader and Football Player


Devil and Angel

Doctor and Nurse

Doctor and Patient/

Farmer and Wife

Father and Mother Christmas Image

Fisherman and Mermaid (she's hooked on his pole or caught in his net) ~~ contributed by Jamie Y.

Flower and Bee

French Maid and Butler

Female Nurse and her Patient ~~ contributed by BB

Flapper and a Gangster

Football Player and Cheerleader.

Granny and Grandpa

Greek Couple

Greek God and Goddess

Grim Reaper and Tombstone

Hot Dog and Mustard

King and Queen

Lion and Lamb

Lioness and Lion Tamer ~~ contributed by Jamie Y.

Magician and Bunny

Maid for Money (sexy maid outfit with play money pinned to costume) and Money Man (money pinned to his clothing) ~~ contributed by Connie M.

Nerdy Couple

Nurse and Doctor ~~ contributed by Laura J.

Pair of Dice

Pair of Eyes

Pilgrim Couple

Pirate and Wench

Playing cards, King and Queen

Plug and a Socket

Police Officer and Prisoner (of love...<grin>)

Priest and Nun

Prisoner and Prison Matron ~~ contributed by Georgie

Prom King and Queen

Ring Girl and Boxer

Roaring 20s gangster and Girlfriend

Salt and Pepper Shakers (dress in all white or all black, with felt S or P on chest, with paper plate covered in tinfoil for hat)

Salt and Pepper. One spouse would wear all black and the other would wear all white and contrasting letter on our shirts to the color we are wearing. ~~ contributed by Robin

Samurai and Geisha ~~ contributed by Egg

Santa and Mrs. Claus Image

Scary clowns ~~ contributed by Jenny K. Image

Sexy Cop (female) and Prisoner (male) ~~ contributed by Becky M.

Sheik and Harem Gal

Siamese Twins

Ventriloquist and Dummy

Victim and Serial Killer

Viking Couple

Zombie Couple

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