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The Two Marriages of Paul Revere


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Paul Revere's First Wife -- Sarah Orne (1757-1773)
Paul Revere in 1768

Portrait by John Singleton Copley of American silversmith, engraver, and Revolutionary patriot Paul Revere in the 1768. Gift of Joseph W. Revere, William B. Revere and Edward H. R. Revere.

Photo: The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. MFA.org


Sarah Orne aka Sara Orne, was born on April 2, 1736 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Wedding Date:

Paul Revere and Sarah Orne were married on August 4, 1757.
The August 4th date is recorded in:
Edward McGlenen's Boston Marriages from 1700 to 1809. 1903. vol. 30, pg. 25.
Dodd, Jordan, Liahona Research, comp. Massachusetts Marriages, 1633-1850.
Boston, Massachusetts Registry Department. Boston Marriages from 1752-1809. Vol. 2. Boston, MA, USA: Municipal Print, 1903.


Sarah and Paul had eight children.
  • Deborah Revere: 1758-1797. Deborah married Amos Lincoln, a carpenter and mason in 1781. They had nine children. She was about 39 when she died.
  • Paul Revere Jr.: 1760-1813. Paul Jr. married Sally Edwards in 1782. They had twelve children. Paul Jr. was a silversmith and bell manufacturer. He was about 53 when he died.
  • Sarah Revere: 1762-1791. Sarah married John Bradford in 1778. She was about 29 when she died.
  • Mary Revere: 1764-1768. She was about 4 when she died.
  • Frances "Fanny" Revere: 1766-1799. Frances married Thomas Stevens Eayres, a silversmith in 1788. They had five children. She was about 33 when she died.
  • Mary Revere: 1768-1853. Mary married Jedediah Lincoln, a carpenter, in 1788. They had seven children. She was about 85 when she died.
  • Elizabeth Revere: 1770-1805. Elizabeth married Amos Lincoln, a carpenter and mason. Amos was previously married to Elizabeth's sister, Deborah. Elizabeth and Amos had five children. She was about 35 when she died.
  • Isannah Revere: Born in December 1772. Died September 19, 1773. She was about 9 months old when she died.


Sarah died on May 3, 1773 at the age of 37, a few months after the birth of their 8th child Isannah. Sarah was buried in Granary Burying Ground in Boston.

Quotes About the Marriage of Sarah Orne and Paul Revere:

Joel Miller: "Sarah Orne was just a year his junior. There's no certainty when the two became an item, but they were both North Enders and probably attended the Cockerel together. He likely knew her for several years ... It is easy to imagine he had intentions before marching off to war. Maybe the thought of young 'Sary,' as he affectionately called her, filled his breast with bravery at one moment and ache as he pined for home the next."
Joel Miller. The Revolutionary Paul Revere. 2010. pg. 33.

Esther Forbes: "He [Paul] was twenty-two when he came back from the wars, and he soon married Sarah Orne. But they went on living in his father's old house [Clark's Wharf residence], with his mother and five brothers and sisters."
Source: Esther Forbes, Lynn Ward. America's Paul Revere. 1990. pg. 9.

David Fischer: "The first baby arrived eight months after the wedding -- a common occurrence in mid-18th-century New England, where as many as one-third of the brides in Yankee towns were pregnant on their wedding day."
Source: David Hackett Fischer. Paul Revere's Ride. 1995. pg. 15.

Esther Forbes: "As long as she lived, Sara never had a child in an odd year and never missed an even one. So little is known about this first wife of Paul Revere, and yet that little to us seems sad."
Source: Esther Forbes. Paul Revere and the World He Lived In. 1999. pg. 169.

Jayne Triber: "There are no existing portraits or letters that illuminate her personality or her relationship with her husband, but surely Sara's skillful management of the Revere household had allowed her husband to pursue his active life as an artisan, Mason, and Son of Liberty."
Source: Jayne E. Triber. A True Republican: The Life of Paul Revere. 2001. pg. 91.

Esther Forbes: "So, even if widowed but a few weeks, Paul Revere was behaving perfectly naturally ... Life must go on. Courtship must go on -- even if one's wife is barely cold in the grave."
Source: Esther Forbes. Paul Revere and the World He Lived In. 1999. pg. 184.

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