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Kenneth and Linda Phillips Lay Marriage Profile


Linda Phillips Lay was with her husband throughout his legal problems and court hearings. With the sudden death of Kenneth Lay, Linda will now be facing the legal system and civil suits with the support of her children and step-children.

Here's information about how Kenneth and Linda met, their blended family, and more.

News Updates:

10/17/06: Ken Lay's conviction on fraud and conspiracy was erased by a federal judge. This means that the government's attempts to recover any of the $43.5 million Lay illegally received are stopped. The government can try to attach Lay's estate through civil courts.


Kenneth Lee Lay: April 15, 1942 in Tyrone, Missouri.

Linda Ann Phillips: abt. 1945. Linda is from Washington, D.C.


Kenneth: July 5, 2006 at the Pabst Ranch in Old Snowmass, Colorado. He was taken to Aspen Valley Hospital where he was pronounced dead at the age of 64 of coronary artery disease.

A public memorial service in Houston for Kenneth Lay was held on July 12, 2006.

How Kenneth and Linda Met:

Linda was Ken's secretary when they were working for the Florida Gas Company.

Wedding Date:

July 10, 1982.


Kenneth Lay had five children and twelve grandchildren.

  • Elizabeth Ayers Lay Vittore: Born abt. 1971. Her mother is Judith Ayers. Elizabeth is a lawyer. She and her husband, attorney Jose Luis Vittor have two children.

  • Mark Kenneth Lay: Born August, 1968. His mother is Judith Ayers. Vice president of the Lay family charitable foundation.

  • Robyn Anne Herrold Lay Vermeil: Her mother is Linda Phillips.

  • Todd David Herrold: His mother is Linda Phillips. He married Courtney K. Pate on March 16, 1996 in Harris County, Texas.

  • Robert Ray (Beau) Herrold: His mother is Linda Phillips. He married Heather A. Haase on July 29, 1995 in Harris County, Texas.

Former Marriages:


  • Judith Ayers: Ken and Judy were college sweethearts who met in French class at the University of Missouri. They married in 1966 and had two children.

    Ken and Judy separated in January, 1981. They divorced in mid-1982.

    Through the years, Ken and Judy remained on good terms with one another. She supported him by being present at his court hearings. Judith lives in Florida.

  • Robert Francis Herrold: They had three children. Their marriage ended in divorce.


Kenneth: Kenneth Lay served in the U.S. Navy 1968-1971. Corporate economist; chairman and CEO of Houston Natural Gas; Deputy Under Secretary for Energy of the U.S. Department of Interior; Technical Assistant to a Commissioner of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; Assistant professor at George Washington University; founder and CEO of Enron.

Ken was convicted of 10 counts of corporate fraud and conspiracy on May 25, 2006.

Linda: Former secretary; property investor; manager of the Linda and Ken Lay Family Foundation; owner of an upscale resale shop "Jus' Stuff" that opened in the summer of 2002 and closed in 2004.

Continuing Legal Issues:

Although Kenneth Lay's conviction apparently died with him, his family is still on the hook financially due to large number of civil lawsuits.

Legal experts say his estate is still liable for damages although the estate can not be sued for punitive damages. Those suing are limited to compensatory losses and damages.


The Lays still own a Houston condominium valued at $3 million.


Kenneth: He was a regular churchgoer of the First United Methodist Church of Houston.


Terry Giles, a friend, about Linda: "She's really Ken's rock."
Source: Washington Post

Ken, after his conviction: "In spite of what has happened, I am still a very blessed man. I have a very warm, loving and Christian wife and family that supports me, as well as many, many loving and supportive friends."
Source: Ken Lay Official Site

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