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Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun Timeline and Marriage Profile


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How and When Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler Met
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun in 1938

German political leader Adolf Hitler with Eva Braun in 1938.

Photo: Keystone / Getty Images

How They Met

Eva and Adolf first met in Munich, Germany at Heinrich Hoffman's photo studio in 1929. By 1931, they had become a couple and were together a great deal of the time.
Kate Connolly: "Hitler first came across Braun in 1929, when he was 40 and she was 17. She worked in a Munich camera shop run by his official photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann. According to Hoffmann's daughter, Hitler's opening line was: 'May I invite you to the opera with me, Fräulein Eva? You see, I'm surrounded by men and I know what a pleasure it is to enjoy female company.' Dates at the cinema and restaurants followed."
Source: Kate Connolly. "Nazi loyalist and Adolf Hitler's devoted aide: the true story of Eva Braun." Guardian.co.uk. 2/14/2010.
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